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Forget the "Drones" Save the ones you can

Okay people the time is upon us. In just a few months we will see an all out battle for the White House. Obama will have money, media and j…

Started by Earl B in The TownhallLatest Reply

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Who would Be a good conservative President??

Hey my Conservative Family...I was asked this question earlier today...I didn't have an answer because..The people on this website are true…

Started by Ron Frazier in Politics

418 Nov 7, 2012
Reply by Bob S USNR

HOT TOPIC - What should happen to Wikileaks?

Today Wikileaks released over 250,000 classified State Department documents. The site has released similar documents in the past.What do yo…

Started by Earl B in The Townhall

387 Jan 7, 2011
Reply by American Man

President Obama Healthcare Speech - Open Thread

Wednesday night President Obama addressed Congress and the nation on his plan for healthcare reform. What are your thoughts of his speech?

Started by Earl B in Healthcare

345 Jan 28, 2010
Reply by david c. hubbard

Major U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today struck down large portions of the abomination known as the McCain-Feingold campaign finance…

Started by Simon Jester in The Townhall

286 Jan 31, 2010
Reply by Mike Mott

2010 Election Comments

Today we begin the process of taking our country back. Post your election comments here.

Started by Earl B in The Townhall

279 Nov 10, 2010
Reply by Mike Mott

Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts!

Scott Brown pulls off a huge political upset in Massachusetts. Your thoughts?

Started by Earl B in The Townhall

270 Jan 27, 2010
Reply by redriverj

HEALTHCARE PASSES - your thoughts

Democrats now own Healthcare. Democrats in the house passed the unpopular Healthcare bill 219-212. Obama decided to wait until Tuesday to…

Started by Earl B in Healthcare

268 Apr 14, 2010
Reply by Iron Tigers Vet

What do Republicans need to do to rebuild the party?

What does the GOP need to do to rebuild the party?

Started by Earl B in The Townhall

260 Apr 13, 2010
Reply by Tony Rollo


Well, here is a new thought. I wonder if any of you were Independents before becoming Republicans. If so, you know what changed your mind:…

Started by Laura Eide in Conservative Questions

256 Mar 9, 2010
Reply by Laura Eide

Is waterboarding torture?

What are your thoughts?

Started by Earl B in The Townhall

243 Nov 19, 2009
Reply by mwiegand





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