The Obama Administration took it's first shot in the 2009 elections.

A major upset in New Jersey where Republican Christie Defeats Incumbent Democratic Gov. Corzine.
In Virginia Bob McDonnell defeated Democrat R. Creigh Deeds

This is just the first round of dismantling the Left Wing Socialists Agenda

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So what is the left saying?

Healthcare Alert!

VIDEO - Cradle To Grave Healthcare

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I stayed up until all the returns were in!!! I loved it...except for the loss in NY 23rd district...but I feel he did well for being so new. Keep sending the message to the White House that we Don't like their Socialized Policies!

My cat, Gunner is excited to hear such good news! He hates Demo-rats as you can tell.

Thank God, the Demorats are getting their just deserves. YEA!!!!!! Obamakins the Muslim lover, is on his way out along with that witch Pelosi. I am grateful.
Great Idea! Thanks, Gunner is so happy you approve of his "ways and means" committee. LOL
The left is blaming the economy - inherited from Bush still being the mantra - as expected. Here is a flash for them, it's Obama's handling of the economy, stupid! Even thougn Obama spent a lot of political capital in New Jersey, one he thought he had to win, the democrats got beat rather handily in a deep blue state. In Virginia, they got hammered. The loss in NY's 23rd was unfortunate, but not totally unexpected in a three way race in which the worst possible choice was made by the GOP party establishment. The third party candidate in New Jersey didn't do much to help Corzine, who richly deserved what New Jersey voters gave him, a pink slip. A tax and spend liberal, Corzine embodies everything Obama likes in an uber-liberal democrat. It is for this reason it should send a message to democrats, especially moderates from red states that they are extremely vulnerable if they continue to bow to the would-be messiah's wishes.
The Democrats, especially those in the Democrat party high ups, the White House and their leftist supporters are too ideologically driven to understand this. They will find some excuse to rationalize it. That is okay. Let them continue on with their attempts to destroy the nation, because the more they do, the more average American voters, including democrats, will wake up and decide to say NO! to this attempt to destroy us.
I think it's partly about jobs, but also, hopefully people are beginning to wake up and see how the current agenda really affects our Constitution and the rights it guarantees.

I grew up in NJ, and it is LIBERAL! For Jerseyites to remove even for a second, the rose colored glasses the Lib's have been handing out for years is huge! For the msm to downplay this is typical.
Praise God! The sleeping giant has awoken!!

And I'm asking you Republican LEADERS to LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Earl B;
A good sign for the Republic. A good sign for the survival of Western Civilization.
While our troops defeat the mystics in the Middle-East, we well defeat the Utopian Left-Wing Socialists at home. As the saying goes; "Failure is not an option".
Throw out Keynesian Economics and embrace Von Mises Economics (Reaganomics). The true battle field is there. Being indebted to the Communist Nation China, or creating a World Government with a World Currency (ie G-20 summit in Denmark), will eventually and drastically curtail our liberties and freedoms, and make us slaves to the world. Good luck my fellow Patriots. Gods Speed.
Your friend





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