What is the Logo for Conservatives, I see so many of them! which one is the main one?

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Good question. And that is the problem with the Conservative party today. Everyone has their own little Conservative niche. Maybe what we need is a branding committee to study the conservative platform and come up with a Logo that tells what our message and beliefs are.
Mr. Goodyear;
Thank you for the question. In the book "Conscience of a Conservative" By Senator Barry M. Goldwater, 1964 Presidential Candidate states; pp 1-17
"The American Conservative, there is no difficulty in identifying the days overriding political challenge, It is to Preserve and Extend Freedom". The Conservative tends to empower States Rights, (Cause they know your family better than the feds) and there fore can act with greater wisdom. Conservatives believe in "Free-will", your ability to become your own "Self Made Man", and that your are more as an "Individual than a Collective".
There are four (4) major points; 1. Limited Government, 2. Not to promote (welfare) wealth but to extend freedom, 3. Not to pass laws, but to repeal them, and 4. Promote a general defence of the nation.
Hope this helps;
John / Az
Mr. Goodyear;
As far as an answer to a "Conservative Logo", there is none. If you reference my last statement however, a "Wild Mustang" might fit the best for "Goldwater Conservatives". But as of now there is no official logo for conservatives in general. Although, conservatives are affiliated with the Republican Party, and that logo would be the "Elephant" to represent the "Grand Ol' Party" (GOP), which started in the 1850's and Abraham Lincoln was its first President in 1860/1865.

. . . and no apologies needed.
I can't beat Old Glory in full glory, that kind of says it all right there, but here are some of my conceptions to build on Dave's:

Just another concept. The great thing about the Conservative movement is that there are so many open possibilities for logos - there really is!





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