At last count the Islamic Chairman Obama had appointed 34 "Czars", my questions:

1) What do they Cost American Tax Payers ?;

2) Who approves their salaries?;

3) Are they paid out of the 'p'residents Budget?;

4) Do they receive a salary if so how much?;

5) Are they provided a staff, and what does that cost American Tax Payers?;

6) Are they provided Travel Expenses by American Tax Payers if so how much?;

7) What if any "Oversight" is there by the Congress?;

8) Can those they supervise and control appeal to congress for the decisions made, Orders Given, etc, etc?;

9) What exactly are the duties of each Czar??;

10) Do they have the power of the 'p'resident to make decisions and act - is this legal?.

List of Obama’s Czars (to date)

1. Border Czar — Alan Bersin
2. Energy czar — Carol Browner
3. Urban Czar — Adolfo Carrion
4. InfoTech/Information Czar — Vivek Kundra
5. Faith-Based Czar — Joshua DuBois
6. Health Reform Czar — Nancy-Ann DeParle
7. Stimulus Accountability Czar — Earl Devaney
8. Regulatory Czar — Cass Sunstein
9. Drug czar — Gil Kerlikowske (C)
10. Guantanamo Closure Czar — Daniel Fried
11. Salary/Pay/Compensation Czar — Kenneth Feinberg
12. Non-Proliferation/WMD Czar — Gary Samore
13. Terrorism Czar — John Brennan
14. New TARP Czar — Herb Allison (C)
15. Cyber Security Czar — OPEN (Click HERE to apply for job)
16. Technology Czar – Aneesh Chopra (C)
17. Car Czar — Ed Montgomery
18. Economic Czar — Paul Volcker
19. Great Lakes Czar – Cameron Davis
20. Intelligence Czar – Dennis Blair (C)
21. Weather/Science Czar — John Holdren (C)
22. Green Jobs Czar — Van Jones
23. AIDS Czar —Jeffery Crowley
24. California Water Czar - David Hayes (C)
25. Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal
26. TARP Oversight Czar – Elizabeth Warren
27. Weapons Czar – Ashton Carter (C)
28. Copyright Czar – OPEN (Click HERE to apply for job)
29. Mideast Peace Czar – George Mitchell
30. Af-Pak Czar– Richard Holbrooke
31. Sudan Czar – J. Scott Gration
32. Southwest Asia Czar – Dennis Ross
33. Climate Czar – Todd Stern
34. Eurasian Energy Cxar – Richard Morningstar

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I know, but if its the 'p'resident's budget, then the congress has the power to cut him off - not that the Marxist controlled Congress would do that...
These are great questions and I would like to know the answer as well.

Some of the salaries are posted on Glenn Beck's site but most are "UNKNOWN". It's very shady and no one in the media (except for Beck) is investigating this. It's unbelievable what's happening.
Some have said that they get 100,000 a year thats 3,400,000 for these "Skunks" if true.
Travesty is not even a strong enough word. Also it wouldn't surprise me they are also eligible for the Govt.'s super duper health care. I would like to know how he is getting away with this. Oh wait, I'm from Chicago originally, so it's the machine way. I hate hearing people say he's like Capone. Capone never went after the regular people, only his enemies. Oh wait, yeah I do see the similarities.
Ok, have a laugh on me here. When this whole czar thing began I thought it was a slang WE were using to mock all these chosen appointees who no one voted for being placed in positions of power over seemingly every aspect and issue the adminstration can come up with.
What a great way to repay your campaigne debts AND have unelected familars who are beholden to you placed conveniently all over the place. The circle of power and influence and like-minded agendas between these people is probably much more than we can even dream of. (or scream of either!)
The fact that O even calls them czars is a slap in our faces for how stupid and asleep we have become.
I believe with every ounce of intuition i possess - he LAUGHED about the title he chose for them.
I have seen a chart of who these czars are, and what their special intrests have been, and will do my best to post a link here. imagine hearing theme from Mission Impossible>>
Check out Jack Kingston's website, he has some additional information about the czars...but it seems like there are a lot of unanswered questions

The following is from KINGSTON OP/ED: Who czar they?

Transparency isn’t the only issue. In these times of tight budgets, we need to know what these new offices are going to cost us. Most czars make $172,000. Each has an office, a staff, transportation and travel budgets. Who’s watching this?

Was anyone watching when the Stimulus Accountability Czar spent $18 million setting up a web page? He certainly never asked Congress for the money. Each year every cabinet secretary must sit before several House and Senate Committees to ask for and justify his or her budget. But not these czars – not one has come before Congress.
For eight years, Congress ignored the reguest to regulate Fannie, and Freddie, and other segments of the private sector. And what have they learned. By allowing someone else to do the job the People elected them to do. And having thirty four individuals spending tax payers money. Who are not accountable to anyone responsible for how the money is being spent. Clearly indicates they where not listening when the People spoke last November. Once again where's the CHANGE? Fifthteen months and counting, can't wait.
It is beginning to sound more like the soviet union day by day. This is america not russia want a soviet style goverment go to russia but wait they tossed it because it did not work.





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