Do you think that the elections this month will change the direction our country has been heading?

The current TCUnation poll asks the question "Do you think that the elections this month will change the direction our country has been heading?  (If you have not participated in the actual poll please find it on the main page and give your opinion).

It will be interesting to see how our members feel overall about these elections and to what extent they will change the direction of our nation.  Will Obama behave differently, as Bill Clinton did following his mid-terms?  Will Obama still try and pull some "shenanigans" to try and manipulate the country further towards his agenda of socialism/Marxism?   Can the election of conservative Republicans and Independents, along with the changes in congressional leadership, be the beginning of a swing back towards a more centrist political direction.  Will "Obamacare" and some of this administration's more damaging policies be reversed?   Is Amnesty the next move to try and regain political momentum by the liberals in congress? 

Discuss our poll question here and share your thoughts.

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It will give us a chance to change the direction. How we use this chance will determine our future course.
It will be a start down the long road home to freedoms and the Constitutional Republic.
I think the real question here is can enough of us vote, to counter act the illegal/cheating votes of the left???
The election can make a difference. It will be necessary for the conservative majority to remain aware and engaged. This is the first battle in a long war.

Rememer that about 4 years after President Reagan left office we elected Bill Clinton whose number one priority was nationalized health care. The American public often tends to forget very quickly where its best interest lies.
If the Republicans and Tea Party candidates do well, and make the majority, it will simply slow down the course that the country has taken.
If, say, a good candidate gets elected and needs a couple of million dollars to repair a dam that is threatening failure, he will submit a bill which will be referred to committee. After a couple of months, he will ask when his bill is coming out of committee. He will be told that it will come out, and go as an amendment, on a bill that he might otherwise not support. This will be the only way that he will get what he wants -- by doing what they (the established 'leaders') want.
After his first term, he will either go home disenchanted, or, become an insider, trading votes for what he wants. Brining money back to your state/district is the best reelection campaign he can have.
The course is set and until we, the People, are willing to take it back, it will continue down that same old road -- debt, war, charity and lined pockets from corporate interests.
I think the election will make a difference, but expecting Obama to change his "spots" is living in fantasyland. He is an ideologue and is convinced that his radical change is the only answer for our country. He has no history of compromise, has never "reached across the isle", and is apparently controlled by the progressive movement. Soros and his pundents will continue to pull Obama's strings regardless of what happens in congress. Obama will direct the forced passage of his agenda in the lame duck sessions and through non-legislative means. Regardless of who wins what, we are not out of this yet!!!
We tend to forget, also, that in 1993, the Republicans wanted national healthcare.
I think that this election will have an impact on the direction our country is heading, but not as much or as quickly as I would like. We didn't get where we are overnight and we certainly won't correct our course overnight either. Much blame is being placed on the Democrat party and I agree that they own some of the blame. However, the Republicans are not exempt from owning some of the blame as well.

The key to change is not in the party that has control of Congress nearly as much as it lies in the relentless pursuit of integrity that is being demanded by "we the people". No matter who gets elected this time around, we must keep the heat on to effect the change needed to correct the helm of the ship we are sailing on. I firmly believe that 2012 will bring even more passion from people all over America, who had never found their voice before this election, and they will hold accountable those who have been elected to serve to making that change in direction a reality.

I don't think we will see the Tea Party movement fade away into oblivion, but rather will become even more galvanized and organized than they are today. Again, this is not a Democrat problem, a Republican problem, it's not a party problem, it's an American problem and Americans have had enough. We will not be pushed around anymore. We will have to make it perfectly clear to Washington that they work for us! They are elected to serve us, not the other way around.

What I saw at a debate hosted by the League of Women Voters is exactly the kind of action that "we the people" will have to take if we are to get our country back on track, restore the freedoms that have been stripped from us, and restore the republic that the Constitution was established to keep us from ever losing or disappearing from the earth. If you didn't see it or hear about it, the host speaker declared that the custom of saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" would not take place and that the program was to begin without it. The people ("we the people") responded by standing up and saying it anyway in spite of the protests of the host. This is the attitude and the courage that "we the people" must find the stomach for and manifest in our everyday lives. We must act like true American Patriots again.

I have faith in the American people, the American dream, and the republican form of government that America was founded upon, and the Constitution of the United States. We can and we will make a difference if we refuse to give up, give in, or lose heart.
A couple of reasons that the political process will not give us back our Constitutional form of government.
First, the Supreme Court has established a policy (in 1937) to avoid ruling on the Constitutionality of nay matter before it is there was any other way to rule. They also gave us some of the other reasons to rule without resorting to the Constitutionality. See About Ashwander v. TVA.
Second, in 1946, the Congress admittedly, created a Fourth Branch of Government with Rule Making authority. See Who Makes the Laws?Given that the Congress has done nothing, in all of that time, to correct the problem, we must assume that they don't care about the Constitution but do care about power and control.
I agree!!
Fingers crossed that the Republicans will take both the House and Senate. However the next major battle is immigration, if Obama is able to push amnesty he will have the votes to win another election - he only needs 40% of the white voters plus Blacks (99%) and Hispanics and he is the winner regardless of who the Republicans choose to be their candidate.
You are fooling yourself if you think that the Republicans will make a difference. I have been watching for well over twenty years, and, I have not seen one year that moved even an inch in our direction.
The Republicans put out a platform and people adapt to that platform, as if it were their own. The Tea Party, by the next election, will have those in power and influence dictating the platform, and the people well say, "It sounds good to me", and they will go along with what is dangled before them.
I used to talk about the lesser of two evils. The rebuttal was always, better the less of the two. The point wasn't getting made. So, let's try a new approach:
The Democrats dangle a turd in front of you. Then, the Republicans dangle a turd in front of you. So, when the election is over, what do you get?





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