Okay people the time is upon us. In just a few months we will see an all out battle for the White House. Obama will have money, media and just about everything at his disposal for an assault on the Republican nominee.

We must get behind "whoever" is the Republican nominee. If your guy is not the nominee, this is not the election to write-in someone just to make your point. WE MUST DEFEAT OBAMA.

That being said, focus your efforts on those that can be reached. The "drones" , as Mark Levin calls them, are a lost cause. Let them be. Talk to those who have an open mind and can see past the media hype.

So, how are you going to reach out?

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I'm in charge of getting out the vote in the County and in my own precinct. 

I also publish 1 letter per month in the newspaper and now receive many comments from that.

Also, I'm taking Constitution 101 from Hillsdale (http://constitution.hillsdale.edu/) so that I better grasp the arguments and the principles underlying the Founder's government.

Awesome Mike!!

I am also going through the Constitution 101 from Hillsdale.

Watch one of the videos right now.

I'm just finishing up with the 4th lesson and will likely take the quiz tomorrow.

My surprise was to learn that I didn't have a deep understanding of many of their terms and words.  As my grasp of the meaning of liberty, Natural Rights, all mean are created equal, and now separation of powers grows, so does makes my admiration of the Founders.

What surprises you about the course thus far?

I just started with it so I can't really say. But the in-depth discussion on the wording is nice. I am somewhat familiar with the meaning behind such terms as Natural Rights but the fact they seem to cover it more in-depth is nice. I should put a link off TCUnation to the course.

A link to the course is a good idea.

The concept of an individual as a sovereign, along with the meaning of that word, was an "aha moment", as i grasped the beauty of the Founder's limited government for the first time. 

I'm glad you brought this up, Mike, because I've been looking seriously at enrolling in it. It will probably have to wait a couple of weeks while i get taxes and a few things behind me, but I'm looking forward to playing catch-up on it.   While I think many of us have a basic understanding of what the role of our Constitution plays in our history and function of the government, few truly understand the protections that have to be constantly defended on its behalf.  

While I respect your opinion, this raises the (nearly forgotten) question of expediency versus conscience. Obama is no reason to forget your principles. Forgetting our principles is what brought us to this crisis. I won't be hurried into another GW BUSH Presidency.

There are other disturbing issues that are being ignored while we focus on having the "right guy" in office. We need people in all our offices who understand good government. I'm afraid I have found precious few people educated enough to make correct decisions with regard to what constitutes good government what only exacerbates the problem.

For instance, many Republicans are pushing E-Verify, in a total misunderstanding of the role of government and of good economics. For every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, there is only one hacking at the root.  The root of our employment issues is NOT alien employees, which actually stimulate the economy. The root of our employment issues are the the central government swipes the fruit of our labors in an unconstitutional payroll and income tax scheme. This scheme dwarfs the issue of illegal aliens working in our country. And I don't see very many of our supposed white knights in the Republican leadership coming forth to attack the real dragons we face, they seem, most of them, just as transfixed on maintaining the reach of big government as were there predecessors.


Understand your point completely. I am all for having the right guy but in my opinion 4 more years of Barry O could put the country over the edge.

I hope the most conservative nominee wins but if not we have to do everything possible to keep Obama from winning.

I agree, not matter what we should not forget our principles.

 I'm a realist at heart and grounded by facts. The battle lines are drawn and the course of our Nation is set. The time for talk is over, besides, words hold little meaning this day and age...it's in the hands of fate now. There will be no happy ending i'm affraid...for either side. I do recommend prayer though, to the GOD of your choice...it's good for the soul. But make no mistake, the pheonix will rise again!!! GOD Bless us all.


DJ, there is only ONE GOD, but He is known by many names, some meaning "the God," "Supreme Being,"  "Great Spirit,"  "Lord God."  When we all follow what is God's word to various prophets around the world, we will see one message, as Jesus said, Live by every word out of the mouth of God.  Muhammad was told to "Say O People of the Scripture, you stand on nothing till you observe the Torah and the Gospel."  The Torah is the Law of Moses in what we call the Old Testament.  Isaiah 8:20 says, "IF it be not according to the Law and the Testimony, it is because there is no light in them."  All that GOD GAVE to other prophets points to and explains or confirms the whole Bible or it is an error that was placed in.   It is the law of God that this world is seeing in daily happenings, either the blessings or the curses.

Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28-30.

Right are right Earl.

 Keep up the good work.........

Earl B's question is worthy of an answer ... what are YOU going to do?

Obama is a symptom of the progressive disease that has infected our nation.  He must be stopped, but like a cancer more must be done.  Good conservative people must get involved in their local governments and political organizations in order to reverse America's march to socialism.

We live in FDR's America, not Regan's.  For more than 70 years the federal government has expanded its authority and usurped the powers of state and local governments.  Only by putting politicians at ALL levels of government on notice that we won't take it any more; only by electing good Americans who believe in rugged individualism and personal responsibility; only by electing good conservatives to Congress; only by throwing Obama out on his rear end; only by doing all of these things will we begin the journey back to the America the Founders left us. 

I've made it a life's practice to either engage problems or not worry about them.  Complaining doesn't fix a thing -- fixing requires action.  I have engaged in the Republican Party at the county level and have taken on the role of getting out the vote.  In 2010 we just missed an 80% Republican turnout.  We are going to beat that in November.  Our Party's Convention had its best ever turnout -- the new people were mostly conservative and eager to help.  I can say with great authority that local enthusiasm and participation is high.

I made the decision to engage with the Republican Party because the two parties have structural advantages in the election process.  3rd Party candidates can win, but they won't be in a majority anytime soon.  It seemed to me that it was best to try to fix the Republican Party.  Others felt the same way and the local Republican Party has become much more conservative, which in turn has increased participation.  My point is that local politics is where it begins.

It is important for people to stop complaining and DO SOMETHING.  What are YOU going to do, not only for this election, but going forward from here?





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