Okay people the time is upon us. In just a few months we will see an all out battle for the White House. Obama will have money, media and just about everything at his disposal for an assault on the Republican nominee.

We must get behind "whoever" is the Republican nominee. If your guy is not the nominee, this is not the election to write-in someone just to make your point. WE MUST DEFEAT OBAMA.

That being said, focus your efforts on those that can be reached. The "drones" , as Mark Levin calls them, are a lost cause. Let them be. Talk to those who have an open mind and can see past the media hype.

So, how are you going to reach out?

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And a great opinion it is, MMS.   Missed your posts around here for some time now.  Thanks for sharing your mind -- it speaks for many of us.  We MUST unite and get this bum out of office before there is little left in America to save !! 

MMS, good words and to which I would add that the structure of our government is based upon representative democracy.  That is, nothing gets done without a consensus of our elected representatives, in particular, and the populace in general.  Failure to get candidates who honor the Constitution and who follow conservative principles is a failure of each of us, personally, to make the case for the Founder's government.

That failure takes many forms and can be little things.  Say helping a neighbor win a political office by putting up a couple of signs, knocking on a few doors, or giving them a few bucks.  It can mean going to school board meetings to stop the madness.  
The problem that we conservatives have is a live and let live attitude.  That's not going to work with an opposition that doesn't believe in live and let live and is willing to work hard to makes sure they can tell you what to do.  When a mayor tells his citizens that for their own good they can't buy a big gulp sugary drink then you know we are losing the battle.  
Thus, even though it isn't in our nature to impose ourselves on others, it seems we have no choice if we value freedom.

I like your description of the problem. I see it explained well so rarely I wondered if I was one of only a rare few that see it.

The federal gov't is the biggest thief of wealth in the USA. The US gov't runs the biggest ponzi schemes on the face of the earth. These schemes are so big as to make Bernie Madoff look like a single grain of sand on the entire coasts of both sides of the USA.

As an example "inflation" does not "just happen". It is a creation of the US federal gov't for the purpose of stealing from everyone that holds a US passport. It was necessary for the fed to stop using the gold and silver standard to have inflation. Paper money was the answer!! The paper money (FIAT MONEY) in use by the USA today is literally worth whatever you think it is at any given moment.

A good example would be when a country collapses the paper money it used becomes totally worthless. But gold still has high value.

inflation makes it impossible for you to effectivly 'save money, because by the time you withdraw your money from your bank the federal gov't has stolen the value you originally put into that bank.

About 8 years after you deposite your money into your bank 40% or more of the value has been stolen by your gov't through the trick called "INFLATION". This is made possible by our use of worthless paper money.

If you want to know how the trick really works and who started it, in 1910, read the book:

"The Creature from Jekyll Island". It was written by G. Edward Griffin. Mr Griffin makes the moderately complex subject quite simple.

The easiest way to get the book is a link on Ron Paul's web site.


 Hello, all !...  I just got back from about a 3 1/2 yr. break in action POLIGICALLY. My best friend has cancer, and Some of you sadly know how hard it is to watch people you are close to,... suffrr. She is still battling, thank GOD ! I , now only have a new tinh galexy 2 i inch tablet, my eyes suck, and I WILL ACCIDENTALLY MISSSSPELL WORDS, AND SCREW UP WHILE TYPING. PLEASD BE PATIENT WITH ME.  I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH OF THE ACTION. I would occasionally che k in on a friends computer, to check on e-MAILS, ETC. BUT... BEING OUG OF THE LOOP ( SUFFERING AN OBAMA WIN? ) Well... that sucks s--t ! Hope everyone has been doing well. See you all soon, here.





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