This week President Obama will celebrate a birthday - August 4th.

So our poll question will deal with the "natural born" citizen issue. Some think he was born in Hawaii, some in Kenya and some think he is not eligible because his father was not a US citizen. Some think the subject should be dropped!

What are your thoughts?

Is Obama a "natural born" citizen as required by the Constitution on the United States?
Take poll and discuss

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Hadn't heard that one. Wonder what's next? Lost in a tsunami?
how did BHO get his drivers licence since he has never shown his birth cerfatifcate yet or wile he ran for offices aand most of all president!
and how come we don't say a word about his lack of experience and make a big deal over Palin experience...she has more than him
I got a DL without a birth certificate. My mother took me to the DMV with my high school's certificate that I had passed driver training. That WAS in the olden days. My son is 39 and he did not have to have a BC either.
I was thinking...FLASH: Maybe he was born in Kenya, his mother was an American living in Kenya, her husband was Kenyan, but she had an affair with a SPACE ALIEN. Maybe the birth certificate reflects the BIOLOGICAL FATHER... :) :) :) Who was he? Where did HE come from? Hmmm...That COULD explain the ears.
I did hear him say at one speech , that he was in fact born on Kripton.LOL
I second that - cuffs would be good. Wonder who would be in them with him? Any ideas?
No the subject should remain. Join our effort with Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ please support her as you can. She is unstoppable and constantly under attack by Obots messing up her site, disinformation, calling her a nut case and threatening her life as well. Orly grew up in the Soviet Union she knows Marxism when she sees it. She is one truly lover of freedom.
Louis is an Obot this is typical of them attack Bush even though I am not proud of some of the things he did but, say he was vetted (no he was not it is the responsibility of the Democratic Party to vet candidates and all other branches of government trust that it is done properly) Why can he travel to Pakistan with an Indonesian passport when no American citizen was allowed to go at that time? Says it in his book Dreams of our Fathers. Why did he attend an Indonesian school when only citizens of that country could attend?? If he is a citizen when did he become naturalized? And if he did then still makes him ineligible to hold the office. There is so many questions that he refuses even fights to answer. Our sworn duty when I joined the military was to uphold the constitution against foreign and domestic enemies. In many ways this man has walked on the constitution. Government take overs, Czars unelected and accountable to the administration only, attempt to take over the health care of citizens, maybe not naturally born, maybe not even a citizen, attacking the bill of rights (gun control, free speach, freedom of religion ect,) Our duty is to remove this man if by peaceful means hopefully or by force just for the things he is guilty of already and the eligibility issue is still a huge question mark. We are not nut cases or conspiracy theorist but ones that love our freedom and see it under attack. We are well over the brink of taking action and we should have long before. I just hope it is not too little to late. The Obama cultists can take their fraud god and go to some other country that does not mind this kind of totalitarianism.
The biggest fish to fry is the LAW OF THE LAND the socialist agenda can be moot if this it done first. All appointments all laws signed by congress everything this man has done moot moot moot if we first handle the law of the land the United States Constitution of which ever single American is subject to not a usurper as the usurper living in America squatting in the white house is also subject to the Law of the Land period. If, and he has already, broken the law of the land then justice should be served him. This is these wishy washy Republicans making stupid excuses because their afraid to FRY THE BIG FISH, afraid of being labeled a racist when none of us cares if he is purple pokadotted with fire red hair. If the only reason you voted for a president is because he has a black color this is blatant racism and stupid at best. I vote for the character the honor and accomplishments of the person, the following of my deep belief in conservative principles, one that will serve the people not themselves at the treading of the people. Obama is none of the first part but every bit of someone I would never vote for if his color was white, black, brown, yellow or red.
People are frustrated and angry. They get their point across so be patient when folks don't use the proper syntax, etc. Remember...many brilliant people can't spell so don't hold it against them.





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