Foxnation (Fox Networks) reports that Obama is continuing to hold talks with the Taliban, ostensibly to allow for a decrease in violence in Afghanistan and allowing the US to draw down the number of troops.  

While all of us are in favor of being able to bring our troops home and see an end to this mess in the middle-east, is this the way to accomplish it?   Are "PEACE TALKS" even a real possibility with the Taliban and other such groups?

Your opinion on this course of action??!

Source: FoxNation

Obama Holding Peace Talks With Taliban


By Toby Harnden, Washington and Ben Farmer

The United States has stepped up face-to-face peace talks with the Taliban, holding at least three meetings in Qatar and Germany in recent days with figures believed to be close to Mullah Omar, the group's leader.

Discussions were initiated before the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 2 but American and British diplomats believe that the death of the al-Qaeda leader could give added impetus to the talks and the drawdown of Nato troops, due to begin in July.

President Barak Obama, whose hand has been strengthened by the successful operation to bring bin Laden to justice, is believed to be contemplating a withdrawal of several thousand American troops, some 100,000 of whom are in Afghanistan.

David Cameron has made clear he is prepared to follow suit with a withdrawal of a proportionately similar number of British troops. There are currently about 10,000 British personnel in Afghanistan, most of them concentrated in central and southern Helmand.

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Are We Turning The Corner In Afghanistan?
How do you negotiate with the Taliban?  To do so only gives them political status, and like amnesty to illegal aliens, it will only encourage others to follow in their footsteps.  And what terms could possibly be negotiated?  OK, Abdul, here's the deal.  We will immediately start our own troop removal.  After we are gone, for every month that you kill less than 100 people, Eric Holder will see that guns we have been sending to the Mexican Drug Cartels will be diverted to you instead.  If it is under 50 people, we'll throw in ten RPGs, though that number will be reduced one-to-one for each beheading.  And, if you somehow go an entire month without killing anyone, we will give all of you membership in the SEIU, where you can really improve your terrorist tactics, while getting rich in the process.

Love the sarcasm ...  so foolish, isn't it.  The only negotiating we ought to be doing with them is would they prefer to surrender or join bin Laden for a swim? 

McCain said it very clearly during the election. "We will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.. "

  B.O.  never had any intention of winning the wars but how to weasel out of them. The enemy in his eyes are working Americans. We think wrong and need the Goverment to force us to think in the right way. His great battles have been to subjucate , impoverish and establish a greater power base for control of the American people.

  In my opion he has failed, but caused great damage. There were too many Constitutional loyal Democrates to allow him to shove threw even greater CHANGE in less time. B.O. is at war with capitalism not the Taliban.

This does not sound true.  Taliban are fighting a holy war; the only negotiation for them is for America to get out of their nation and let it return to God's leadership in the government.  Afghanistan has likely become like Iraq adding fuel to the holy war:

Newsweek magazine, December 22, 2003. Iraqi Vice  "Locals are calling it 'the bad side of freedom:' pills, porn, prostitution and booze are rampant now. And it's not only the radicals who blame America."


Would Taliban close to Mullah Omar have face to face meetings with Americans without fear of being followed and or imprisoned?  They know we are evil; they would not trust us.


WE COULD NEGOTIATE with them IF we wanted to live by God's wisdom and commandments in the Bible as Jesus said.  The primary message of the Qur'an is to follow the whole Bible.  We should not have division.  All we need to do is point out where they and we are not following in truth; then both sides can be corrected and wars can end with honor.

God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.





And this assumes the 'Culture of Islam' is of our Creator's heart and not the ego-maniacle, terrorist, murderer, sadist, rapist, pedophile, extortionist, liar and charlatan, Mohammed. However, like so many who are not fully aware of exactly what Islam is, how it originate or its history in regards to the historically cruel and disrespectful way that practitioners of Islam have treated the peoples they've conquered and THEIR religions, you mistakenly refer to this socio-politcal-economic-religio-militant way of life a 'religion'. In fact, it is nothing more than a lenthy series of contradicting quotes, opinions and mandates (called 'Abrogation') and the writings of Mohammed's desciples and followers and 'expert' interpretations (the hadiths and surahs).


The Religion of Peace - The Qu’Ran, The Hadiths and Sira:


Allah and the Temple Mount-No Respect Shown By Islam for Others:


Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West {Documentary}:


Paris’ Streets Claimed by Islamic Worshippers:


Three Things About Islam:


If you need more clarification, I have Word files full of information on this wicked and evil ideology trying to impose its will on the rest of the world through Settlement (an established practice of building up it's numbers and influence in foreign nations) and propogandized 'Taqiyya' or deception, dhimmitude or 'harbis' of infidels - kaffirs, kuffars, kafirs, kufrs.

I commend her courage and integrity. Too bad our country and the rest of the PC West don't have the spine if not the understanding.





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