President Obama said in a statement today they would proceed with a new missile defense strategy and scrap the system previously proposed.

Fox News - "The Pentagon confirmed Thursday that it has made a "major adjustment" to plans for a missile defense system in eastern Europe, after a U.S. ally said the Obama administration is shelving the system altogether"

Fox News - Pentagon Confirms Major Adjustments to European Missile Shield

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Dear Reader: Concerning the article from the A.P.
Missile Shield Scrapped by Obama? If you would allow me to weigh in here, I served in Air Defense Artillery (ADA) for some years in the US Army. A little history concerning NATO I think would be appropriate.
In the 1950’s a program called INADS (Integrated NATO Air Defense Systems) went into effect. By 1956, 18 RADAR (Radio Detection And Ranging) stations had been established and completed in 1962.
By 1972, NADGE (NATO Air Defense Ground Environment) was established and expanded the Radar Stations to 84. With that, new developments in technology brought in SAM (Surface Air Missile) Missiles, IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) and other improvements. Other technological improvements during the “Bush Years” greatly expanded our capabilities with the use of Long Range “Sensors, Interceptors and Satellites”.

By 2009, the 33 members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Defense and Security Committee, the CSIS (Center for Strategic International Studies and the MDA (Missile Defense Agency) reviewed the threat of Eastern Europe as compared to the Middle-Eastern Threat.
From that; “Short Range” Air Defense weapons such as; Hawk, Nike, Aegis, Patriot and THAAD Missiles, and the more “Long Range” weapons like; Interceptor, Sensor and Satellite weaponry, there was a decision made by Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher that the Czech Republic and Poland would satisfy our strategic interests by placing “Long Range” weapons in those locations, and re-directing all other ADA resources to securing the southern border on the Middle-East and/or “Russia’s Third (3rd) directorate of the KGB” (i.e. the middle-east).
Obama's Administration withdrew the missles from the Czech Republic and Poland recently.

With the latest developments of “Rouge Nations” such as North Korea and Iran, to name two, there was a strategic decision made to “fortify anything coming out of Iran”. Do I think it was a valid decision? You bet I do. The Russian leadership after losing “East Germany, Poland, the Ukraine and the Baltic States” sees no way to risk a military campaign in Eastern Europe. It would be suicidal for them. There are “Long Range Defenses still positioned in that area, and the decision the present administration has made seems to be based on good and sound information. The majority of "Belligerent Activity" is from around Israel and the Middle-East, and that's all there is to that.
There is one huge problem with the theory of

The Russian leadership after losing “East Germany, Poland, the Ukraine and the Baltic States” sees no way to risk a military campaign in Eastern Europe.

Historically the Germans, Russians, Japanese, North Koreans, and Chinese discovered a long time it is always better to risk the lives of other nations than to risk your own. You dam straight that Russia won't take the risk because they have evolved, and learned. Let Iran, North Korea, and other nations loose their citizens, and then Russia will march in as victorious saviors.
Honorable Discharged United States Marine Corps Viet Nam Vet - National Security Communications Office
A. Freeborn, NSCO,USMC/VNVet:
Thank you for your service and I totally respect your opinion. I think you're right. There's no reason to defend uncontested ground of Europe.
You nailed it on the head knowing that the Third Directorate of the KGB/GRU has thought this through already.
(ie Bring in fresh troops at the end of the Engagement) That's why securing Iraq and Afghanistan by training "Their Own" security forces is imperative. The problem is getting "them" to believe their countries worth defending. If Iran gets Nuclear capabilities and a delivery system, or Israel bombs the facilities, then "Yes" the proverbial fan will be hard to turn off.
This engagement does seem to employ both; Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. What would you recommend???
As far as i am concerned i have no president and no real country.
This is the way I feel too! God bless all our military all over the world still keeping us free!! They sure do need our prayers. Our own country needs alot of prayer to save it! Sure Obama has taken the oath of office to protect our country and he isn't!! He is taking things away from us!!
This is a slap in the face to Eastern Europe, and it is bowing down to Russia. Funny that, on the same day, we learned that Iran is closer to having nukes. No surprise, but very dangerous.
Just one more case of dismantling, crippling our once great republic and our ability to defend ourselves on a global scale. Time is short and I think God is going to sit this one out. We are on our own.
With each passing day, 0bama shows how inept and dangerous he is. He has now alienated our biggest allies in Eastern Europe - Poland & The Czech republic. Regardless of whether the missile defense shield was currently needed (currently being the important word) there is no doubt it will be needed in the future. Perhaps the very near future. So 0bama bows down to the Russians and slaps our allies in the face - he is clueless!

Please don't refer to people of mixed races as mutts. It just sounds ignorant.
Excuse us, Ryan, but Wil is only repeating the descript the pseudo CIC made of himself: "a mutt."
well, I new this would come! we can look at it this way, if obama allows harm to come to our country,
then maybe he can be brought up on charges, for allowing our defense to being dis-armed!...
let's prey, the people of United States of America, well never fall to a takeover!. from another Country!

Good Day People!





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