Organizational Plan for Militia Response

[Note: Some of these aspects of this Organizational Plan have been incorporated within the militia contingent at the Bundy Ranch.]


Based upon contributed after action reports from some who attended the Bundy Ranch Affair, and with discussions with the Militia Liaison at the Ranch, the following has been prepared to provide assistance to those who venture into harm's way in subsequent events.

Lessons were learned, though through the Hand of Providence, nothing occurred that jeopardized the defense of the Bundys, their ranch and property. 

The week prior to the Cattle Unrustling, on Saturday April 12, 2014, had its difficulties, all of which were surmounted.  After that day, some command problems arose, and were quickly resolved by agreement with all the parties thereto.  The concept of "shared command", based upon Councils of War, prevalent in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, were adopted for the purpose of diversifying command and creating a coordinated effort.

In the future, as events unfold, we may arrive at a point where a command structure, based upon performance of someone who has truly demonstrated his abilities, in conflict as well as in peace, may ascend to the position we have learned to understand as "supreme commander".  Until that time, we must wait and watch, trusting that someone will demonstrate his abilities to take that position.  Until that time, we should be able to successfully defend our rights and Constitution, in an organized manner, as outlined herein.

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To read the entire article/Plan, go to: "Organizational Plan for Militia Response"

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