Earlier today Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi spoke to the U.N. General Assembly. In speech that lasted over an hour he talked about everything from jet-lag to the Security Council being a terrorist organization. He also demanded European nations pay African nations $7.7 trillion dollars for colonizing Africa.

Qaddafi also embraced Obama as the United States President referring to him as "my son" and saying that Obama should be president forever.

Fox News

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Folks, continue calling names and venting. That really helps the cause. NOT.

How about putting our creative heads together to exploit this situation to Obama's embarassment. If he accepts it as a compliment, then he loses many Amricans sitting on the fence. If he doesn't accept it as a complimnet, then he alienates many in the Muslim world. Thius is a no win situation for Obama !!!!

FOCUS on WINNING: TAKING ACTION. Words don't win, actions thought out and implemented properly does win.
One of the best comments I read thus far, thanks
Dear Reader;
Move the United Nations to Madagascar.
I'm all for freedom from religious tyranny, but don't impose on mine. If the Christian Prayer Breakfast cannot be held as usual, then what gives the right for Muslims the right for prayer? We need to stand up against this.
My son...isn't that cute....could he please take him home with him to Libya and leave him there so we can get this wonderful country straightened without his little brat son messing things up...you hear that Papa Quadaffi???
Obama has committed treason against our copuntry and he is Muslim too and a racist.This does not shock he in the least since he is for the terrorist and they are the ones that backed him too.He bowed down to that other leader as well too.He is a traitor too and not a US citizen.I want my country back from this evil minded man and him out of there too.
That could be......who knows where Anne went ? Barry probably isn't sure.
What happened to Quaddafi's face?...it looks like a Pelosi Botox gone wild...a clay sculpture done by a blindfolded Kindergartener...plus who does his wardrobe?, a color blind seamstress from Walmart? I am thoroughly amazed that he is even given time at the UN to speak...its time we got rid of the UN anyway...90% of the memebers there look down on this wonderful country but we humbly allow them to stay in this country/ get rid of the whole lot of 'em and send them home
We always knew Obama wasn't an American, what a disgrace to the true Americans he was at the UN. Putting the US down at every chance he got.
That goes to show you who likes him the best. Murderers and Dictators, Birds of a feather, flock together. He did a good job with his speach showing how weak he is and his hatred of America.
So this is major "News"? Come on people we know that Scummy is the spawn of a camel raper. Qaddafi fills the bill as one to So maybe he thought Barack was the spawn of one of his "unions" with a female camel in Libya.
No surprise that Qaddafi is another dictator and adopting Obama as his son. This makes up for the son he lost when the US sent in a scud missle to take him out. Before the election there wa a Utube video of Qaddafi praising Obama in front of his "captured" audience of thousands. When I saw this video I knew the US was in serious trouble if Obama was ever elected. In the video Qaddafi warns Obama that he will be assassinated because he is a black man.





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