When Arnold Schwarzenegger became a U S citizen he pledged to
uphold the Constitution. He LIED, and recently signed Nazi era
type legislation to control and register ammunition purchases.

Please make sure that everyone you know, especially in California,
gets a copy of our latest handbill to expose Arnold's traitorous
activities. ---

We are a nation of immigrants, but Arnold has worn his welcome out.
Now it's up to all gun owners to get this handbill out to every
gun shop, gun show, and media outlet in California. We can hit
hard with this. Pass it around to everyone you know and use the
"intellectual ammunition" that JPFO is giving you!

Learn more about Arnold's laws - see "Gun Control": Gateway to
Tyranny -

This alert, on JPFO -

The Liberty Crew
Protecting you by creating solutions to destroy "gun control"


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i love arnold the bodybuilder. but i hate arnold the politician, hes such a panzy.
My thoughts exactly! Arnold's ammo registration law is just a gateway to a total gun ban, just as Hitler did with his gun registration.
All I have to say is we know who is sleeping in his bed don't we.....





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