As I write this, certain “health advocates”, according to NPR, are urging the heavy taxation of sugary foods and drinks, and even regulation of “underage” consumption of certain such goods, such as candy, snack foods, soda, etc.
Overconsumption can lead to overweight, diabetes, etc.; typically, they use concern for The Children to make their case. Nothing tugs at the heartstrings like the Plight of the Youth.

I, personally, dislike this idea. Granted, obesity is not healthy, nor, often, a pleasant sight.
But we don’t need more taxes and regulations; we definitely don’t need more government. What we do need is for society to return to advocating for discipline; self-motivation, self-reliance and personal responsibility. Self-control is the key, not governmental control.

Liberals loathe self-motivation, self-reliance and personal responsibility, however, so there’ll be none of that.
Motivated, responsible, self-reliant people have an irritating tendency to think and act for themselves, not requiring endless entitlement programs and regulations, much less someone holding their hand, telling them what to do, and how to do it.
In fact, they resent them.
Liberalism loves the idea in question; agenda-driven liberals hate fat people with as much obsessive, navel-gazing gusto as they do Fox News and talk radio.
Fat is not European, where utterly bankrupt, collapsing Nanny-State governments regulate nearly everything; and as we know, we must in all things emulate Europe.

Far too many liberals are annoying busybodies; intrusive meddlers, possessing bloated senses of self-worth, intelligence, and moral certitude, combined with a compulsive need to tell others how to live. The problem is, they are too often permitted to do so, and virtually unchallenged.
This idea offers vast opportunities, for those statists who would do so, to employ the brute force of government to make people to slim down. And despite their smiling façade of well-intentioned concern, many liberals just enjoy forcing people to conform to their ideals. Forcing people to do things they don’t want to do, after all, is what liberalism loves most.
Especially if, in so doing, they can extend the reach of the government’s influence and power over the individual.
I don’t doubt that, eventually, this taxation and/or regulation will happen, in some form.
After all, many American public school children cannot read or write proficiently; they don’t know science, math, geography or even basic American history. Some public schools aren’t even teaching cursive writing, anymore. Teenage pregnancy, bullying, gangs and drug use are still prominent concerns.
Therefore, we must worry about kids being fat.
We must prevent loving parents from packing fun, flavorful lunches they know their children will eat; instead, charging them for bland, mushy, yet nutritionally-sound, school lunches the kids will throw away.
Here’s how it works, in a nutshell:

Despite baleful warnings of hazards to health and personal welfare, too many Americans still rudely insist upon making choices for themselves.  

Therefore, unable to inspire compliance, liberals will resort to employing some form of behavior modification, simply compelling obedience.  
Punitive taxation is one common method; regulation of foodstuffs and food-related industries, another. Environmental legislation and regulation is yet another.
Should they fail to use governmental influence to coerce your compliance, they might demonize those they see as “offenders”, then, to make an example, simply sue someone. No one wants to be sued, of course, so out of self-interest, all others will toe the line. This happens all the time.
Fascism by proxy.

This is what results from decades of attempted appeasement of a loud, brazen minority, at the expense of the vast majority. That minority will never be appeased, nor silenced. Contentment is unknown to them.
In freeing us from our bad habits and indulgences by manipulating emotions, laws and forcibly restricting our choices, liberalism also frees us from our freedoms. Cheerfully.
That, too, happens all the time.

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