TCUnation POLL - Are you going to get H1N1 flu shot?

TCUnation POLL
October 26, 2009

Are you going to get H1N1 flu shot?
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one big fat NO WAY JOSE!
43 years old never a flu shot never a flu so i wont be starting now
You know, when I took the poll, 100% said they would get it if it were available...considering "they" are spread out all over the country-and if "they" can'y get it, WHO CAN?
the government really dropped the ball on this one, first they want to mandate it , turns out the dont have enough for the people who want it. they blame bush for not having flu vac . , now the dems are in charge and there isnt vac. i do not trust this goverment as far as i can throw it . i will take my chances with the pig flu , my odds are better.
My children don't get it until Obama's children receive it and I can believe it.
Have never taken the flu shot so my answer would be No! I'm not so sure I trust this one anyway.
My son, who is Italy won't get it either, nor will he have his child get it. There seems to be a general consensus here AND in Europe that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus itself. The popular vote on that reflects a reality no politician or doctor can argue away.

Vaccines are hailed as the cure to Small Pocks and Polio, worldwide. The anti-flu vaccines and the mandatory preschool vaccinations have been under scrutiny however for some time, by doctors and parents alike, because of the secondary effects they have on the nervous system and the brain.

There has been unprecedented alarmism coming out of the WHO and the White House, but there is not enough of the vaccine to go around. Hmmmm...... There are doctors who will advise for it (because the benefits outweigh the risks) and others against it (because it has not been properly tested on humans). I'm with the doctors who advise against it.
Not for me!
NO ! Did you know there has NEVER been a scientific double-blind study of the effectiveness of any flu vaccine in the entire history of flu vaccines. It is therefore unknown if it has any use whatsoever. The world famous Dr Richard Blaylock has said that NO ONE should get the flu vaccine. He says the H1N1 flu makes ones immune system turn on itself, and this is why many otherwise healthy people die. He has said to take 1000 mg of Vitamin D and increase that to 5000 mg if we get the flu, to calm the reaction of our immune system. If one is bound and determined to get the vaccine, take the nasal form which does not have the mercury preservative thimarisol.
I am not getting the h1n1 flu shot and I have asthma. These are the reasons: Go online to:

This is Health Sciences Institute. They say the H1N1 flu shot has in it:
- thimerosal (a mercury derivative added as a preservative)
- formaldehyde (to kill viruses)
- aluminum (to promote antibody response), and
- ethylene glycol (also known as antifreeze, used in vaccines as a disinfectant)





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