Template to contact legislators regarding removal of j napolitano

Honorable Senator _______:

Not only is janet napolitano perpetrating egregious lies about honest law-abiding U.S. born legal citizens of these United States but she is intentionally engendering fear among the populace for an over reaching and out of control administration. She must therefore be immediately and forever removed from holding any position of power within the United States government.

According to foundations set up by persons far more honorable than the majority of our elected officials, it is the government that is to fear the people in a Constitutionally Limited Republic such as America. It is only in totalitarian regimes where the people fear the government, and it is to the peoples' great misery and subjugation when this is allowed to occur.

We the People of the United States of America have a constitutional duty to protect, defend and preserve the United States Constitution against tyranny. With the unconstitutional executive orders, the unread bills, the theft of assets that are non-existent in many lifetimes, and a totally inept, inexperienced, unAmerican usurper in our White House kowtowing to dangerous foreign entities, bowing before the murderous king of saudi arabia, palling around with the likes of hugo chavez and fidel castro, we have more than enough grievances against this government to justify our anger, resentment and commitment to take our country back.

We wish for a peaceful return to our constitutional principles. We are, as I said, law-abiding, tax paying, God fearing lovers of our lives, our families and our country. We look to you as an elected official to right the many wrongs occurring in rapid fire succession in this country.

Please uphold your sworn duty to protect, defend and preserve the United States Constitution as we have elected you to do so. Please don't fail us now. Our children will depend upon us to preserve their freedom and their assets if you won't do it for us.


Janice wrote this. She said "you have my complete authorization to post it, use it, tweak it, send it far and wide ...this is a good next task for the tea party brigade!!"

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