The Curious Case of the Amtrak Inspector General's Retirement

First it was I.G. Walpin who was investigating BO 's supporter on the misused of Americorp funds.
Now it is I.G. Weiderhold for investigating Amtrak’s activities.

The Inspector General Act, amended last year and CO-SPONSORED by Barack Obama, requires the President to notify Congress in writing within 30 days the reasons for removing an Inspector General from office. Did Obama knowingly break the law on this one or did TOTUS forget to tell him he couldn't do it.

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I.G. Walpin has filed a lawsuit to restore his name and be reappointed the I.G. This was another example of thugs running the WH and the Republicans just sitting back and allowing it to happen. With another I.G. under attack it's obvious that Obama sees himself above the law. Example after example are reasons why Obama and the Chicago thugs need to be quickily removed to save our country and our freedom. We can't wait until another election to remove this ineligible "president."
Looking at the damage done in 7 months, wonder if we can even survive another 41 months of torture. Never knew so much hatred existed, and moreso never believed that outlaws could be so highly revered in a country as strong as ours.
Was he told to retire or get canned ? would not be a shock to me! As long as he likes the outcome of the investigation all is well if not see ya, your gone!!!!! Guess we'll have to follow the money to see what is going on CNN or NBC won't ! Or maybe he just is doing to old people what he thinks should be done putting them out to pasture?
He co-sponsored the law. How could he not know it?





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