UPDATE: There is a lot of misunderstanding this discussion, and I accept some of the blame. My only point is that the Tea Party Movement and The Republican Party should at all times be independent of each other, that way one does no harm to the other, and the fact that the Tea Party represents everyone every where.

Thank You and God Bless

I would like everyone to please give BlessedONE333 on The 9.12 Project Network a great big THANK YOU for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Please be sure to read her discussion.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TAKING OVER TEA PARTY ORG... Posted by BlessedONE333 on The 9.12 Project Network September 21, 2009 at 6:30am

If at any time prior to Obama running for the highest office in American, I would have had no problem with Michael Steel being elected Chairman of the GOP, but it is the time in which he was elected that gives me great concern.

As far as the GOP taking any form of control, or being labeled in association with of the Tea Party, it would be a great mistake. At this writing, the Tea Party and our Save America sites have a credibility that absolutely drives the government run media crazy, they cannot stand it, and most have witnessed their insane rage. This credibility is OUR INSURANCE AND PROTECTION that has given us the slight accomplishments that we have, and we need to hold on to it. Everyone here needs to explain this to the GOP, and say thanks but no thanks. By no means should anyone take this as an insult to the GOP, or that their assistance is not needed, but we must protect our independence and credibility AT ALL COST.

There are a few things that America and the members of this site fail to publicize as often as we should, and that is the fact that the Tea Party movement was not just angry white tax payers seeking reforms to insure good government, It was Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Independents, Democrats, and Republicans. And this my friends is our most precious resource, a resource that continues to drive the government run media into fits of rage, and helps us expose them in our day to day activities. I will go as far to say that it is OUR GREATEST RESOURCE!

Please I beg of each and everyone you to not allow the GOP to take any credit, control, or associate their selves with the Tea Party Movement. I have always voted Republican, but I also realize the need for reform with in the GOP. Sean Hanity has on a few occasions mention the possibility of a new political party, The Regan Party, but I believe this too is a great mistake. Look at how our Save America sites are divided and all the political parties out there today. We are so desperately in need of unification, and I believe education, and exposing Obama, and the Democrats is the foundation in which we should build upon, not more division.

When contacting the GOP, please do not insult them, slander them, or attempt to discredit them, just tell them the truth. And the truth shall set you free.

Please in the name of God, no Bush Bashing replies, stick to the subject, and give relative replies.

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The Tea Party movement is much bigger than just the Republicans -- it also includes a great many Independents and even some Democrats! While I can applaud the RNC for jumping on this bandwagon, I will not applaud them if they try to co-opt this movement and claim it as their own.
The Republican Party is part of the problem and they should not benefit from the Tea Party movement just like the Democrats. While third parties have had little chance of winning national level elections maybe there are sufficient numbers of Republicans, Democrats and independents to create a new majority. I stopped identifying myself as a Republican and many fund raisers for this party tell me many past supporters have stopped donating because the Party no longer represents their interests. In years past we had the silent majority and the new majority can recapture the government before it goes off the cliff.

John- It is natural for Republican elected officials to see the Tea Partys as another way to reach potential voters as many of them "stayed home" during the presidential election as the "top of the ticket" kept changing his message from "Cut corporate taxes" one week to "I am a maverick" the next.
The 9-12 march On DC was successful because it was organised by, Click Underlined Link:

Websites Independent Of The Republican Party
Not just no, but Hell No!

I am a registered Republican, and like alot of the GOP members themselves, and Mike Steele in particular (he is from my home parish in Landover Hills), but the GOP has tarnished itself very badly. It should not sully the TEA party at all. They can court us, assist us, join with us on issues, and befriend us, but never, ever try to take us over. Our independence is our greatest assett.
Women, mostly grandmothers and great grandmothers, on the Republican Town Committee in my town organized our Tea Party. They tried to make it non-partisan by not promoting who they were, not making it an RTC even and not allowing any elected official to speak. The thanks they got for that were attempts by Democrats to not allow us to use the Town Hall for the event.

They invited a "liberatarian" to speak and he spent 20 minutes bashing the GOP without mentioning Obama once.

The fact is, if Republicans don't organize these events, they go nowhere.
Good points Paddy. Right now, there is no alternative to the GOP. Either Republicans take back congress in 2010 or Obama, Reid and Pelosi have free reign for two more years. After that, there might be no stopping them. It is a fact that the Libertarian Party has worked with the DNC for years to bleed off Republican votes. That is what I know I saw at our tea party. We can expect, running up to 2010, that the left will spend a lot of money attempting to drive Republicans to a third party or splinter the party. Think we're seeing it in Connecticut already. Four people have announced they will run against Dodd on the GOP ticket. We just got another last week: World Wrestlings Linda MacMahon.

Guess who she has donated to in the past?

Rahm Emanuel.

Some Republican she is, eh?

Obama and his people are sick. They will do anything to win. They are terrified of a GOP congress calling in Wall Street crooks to testify under oath. They are terrified of a GOP congress putting ACORN and its corporate sponsors (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase) under oath. My default position from here on out is anyone who dredges up Bush (as one post on the front page of this forum today does) or yaks about a third party is, like Linda MacMahon, a Rahm Emanuel/David Axelrod production.
Paddy the repubs are as much of the problem as the dems.
Your writing is right on. The only important issue is we seem to leave out one factor---the most powerful tool this nation has-- Pray, prayer and keep on praying. Christians banned together that the recent gathering of Muslims at the White House would fail----it flopped. Remember Rome? they let in foreign gods and the rest is history. Keep on praying--get out your Bible and look at 1 Thessalonians 5:17
Chairman Steele Says Pro-Abortion Candidates "Absolutely" Welcomed by GOP
Does anyone still think that the FGOP plans to support "conservative values" anymore?
Link at:
The ONLY way to take back the country is to vote out ALL incumbents; GOP & Dem. Serving in the House or the Senate was not meant to be a career. If we can manage to do that in 2010 & 2012, I think that anyone considering to run for office will think long and hard about it.
I wholeheartedly agree!! Dem or Rep, they are all corrupt~they do not serve the public, they are self~serving. There needs to be term limits, but first and foremost, everyone incumbent should be voted out. They aren't part of the solution, they ARE the problem.
The ONLY way to take back the country is to vote out ALL incumbents; GOP & Dem.

1. That won't happen.

2. Why vote out those on our side? There are many who voted against TARP, who are attempting to block ObamaCare, who are calling for investigations into ACORN.

Explain to us why you don't want them in Congress.





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