U.N. Agenda for the 21st Century, called what else "Agenda 21"

What is Agenda 21?  If you do not know about it, you should.

Agenda 21 is a two-decade old, grand plan for global ’Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations. George H.W. Bush (and 177 other world leaders) agreed to it back in 1992, and in 1995, Bill Clinton signed Executive Order #12858, creating a Presidential Council on ‘Sustainable Development.’ This effectively pushed the UN plan into America’s large, churning government machine without the need for any review or discussion by Congress or the American people.

‘Sustainable Development’ sounds like a nice idea, right?  It sounds nice, until you scratch the surface and find that Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development are really cloaked plans to impose the tenets of Social Justice/Socialism on the world.

At risk from Agenda 21;

  • Private Property ownership
  • Single-Family homes
  • Private car ownership and individual travel choices
  • Privately owned farms

The Agenda 21 plan openly targets private property.  For over thirty-five years the UN has made their stance very clear on the issue of individuals owning land;


Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN’s vision for a centrally managed global society. This contract binds governments around the world to the United Nation’s plan for controlling the way we live, eat, learn, move and communicate - all under the noble banner of saving the earth. If fully implemented, Agenda 21 would have the government involved in every aspect of life of every human on earth.


As you can see Agenda 21 addresses nearly every aspect of modern life. If you have a spare few days the entire document can be read here. I encourage the reader to at least read the Table of Contents in order to understand the true scope of this ‘blueprint for the 21st century.’



Here are a few other links of valuable knowledge.

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And then there's Media Matters that spins it as just a big Conspiracy Theory:

Glenn Beck promoted the conspiracy theory that the United Nations' Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development, is a means of instituting "centralized control over all of human life on planet Earth" -- a theory also promoted by conspiracist Alex Jones' website. In reality, the director of the U.N.'s Division for Sustainable Development says that Agenda 21 is "not a binding treaty" and instead "set[s] out a common vision." 

do you see the big lie in the preceding paragraph?

All the Kool-aid drinkers simply blow this off as just what the government propaganda and miss-information site, "Media Matters" brainwashes them to believe. 

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Al Gore and the Global Warming theory are yet another major step in the move to impose Agenda 21on a global scale. Cap and trade will be the manner in wich all production is controlled by goverment and taken from the private sector. Some times I miss the cold war days when a one world goverment was an impossibility. A neo Emperor is the ulimite goal and an end to war, starvation and the ability for an induvidal to rise above his or her's class.

The UN is only a front or common venue for this activity, The Biulderburg's are the true rulers of global control. This year The Bilderberg Conference June 9-12, 2011 in Suvretta House Hotel (St. Moritz, Switzerland) set an ageda  for the Middle East and deal with manipulation of the world currencies to increase global instability and proprigate fear to the masses. This will ease the surrender of freedoms from the common man and on a larger scale smaller countries.


There is so much information out there but the media are a huge part of it and most people are just to lazy to look for it. In my sigular oppion, welcome to the Chicken Little syndrome...

George, here is an link to Dr. John Coleman video he was MI6 and is now a British research for some 40 years now and has uncovered some very interesting facts about who really runs the world, a shadow government if you will called The Committee of 300 and yes the Bilderberg's are a part of this structure of control. He has also written a book called the Committee of 300 and many white papers on a variety of subjects.

Thanks for the link. Very infomative and I will be sure to pass it along to other of like mind.





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