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11-18-2010 11:16 pm - John W. Wallace
The following is a list of U.S Senators and the Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that these Senators received from Special Interest Groups to either support or oppose S.510 - The FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act. I have listed the names of the Senators, the Party and State, and the amount of Special Interest Bribes (I mean campaign contributions) that they received:

Name of Senator - Party & State - Bribe For S.510 or Bribe Against S.510

Daniel Akaka - D HI - Bribe For: $27,690 - Against: $700

Lamar Alexander - R TN - Bribe For: $190,421 - Against: $4,850

John Barrasso - R WY - Bribe For: $31,350 - Against: $27,500

Max Baucus - D MT - Bribe for: $123,803 - Against: $55,980

Evan Bayh - D IN - Bribe For: $45,200 - Against: 8,250

Mark Begich - D AK - Bribe For: $23,050 - Against: $2,000

Michael Bennet - D CO - Bribe For: $38,509 - Against: $22,050

Robert Bennett - R UT - Bribe For: $105,530 - Against: $10,000

Jeff Bingaman - D NM - Bribe For: $31,498 - Against: $8,450

Christopher Bond - R MO - Bribe For: $49,550 - Against: $5,200

Barbara Boxer - D CA - Bribe For: $120,000 - Against: $13,650

Sherrod Brown - D OH - Bribe For: $57,800 - Against: $6,600

Samuel Brownback - R KS - Bribe For: $20,950 - Against: $13,500

Jim Bunning - R KY - Brobe For: $20,700 - Against: $2,000

Richard Burr - R NC - Bribe For: $328,086 - Against: $32,292

Roland Burris - D IL - Bribe For: $0 - Against: $0

Maria Cantwell - D WA - Bribe For: $93,541 - Against: $2,750

Benjamin Cardin - D MD - Bribe For: $72,200 - Against: $0

Thomas Carper - D DE - Bribe For: $83,150 - Against: $0

Robert Casey - D PA - Bribe For: $80,576 - Against: $4,600

Saxby Chambliss - R GA - Bribe For: $557,694 - Against: $108,041

Thomas Coburn R OK - Bribe For: $64,400 - Against: $14,200

Thad Cochran - R MS - Bribe For: $50,144 - Against: $22,000

Susan Collins - R ME - Bribe For: $157,438 - Against: $7,800

Kent Conrad - D ND - Bribe For: $41,650 - Against: $29,612

Bob Corker - R TN - Bribe For: $298,639 - Against: $8,850

John Cornyn - R TX - Bribe For: $286,648 - Against: $254,730

Michael Crapo - R ID - Bribe For: $64,199 - Against: $14,350

Jim DeMint - R SC - Bribe For: $149,935 - Against: $5,000

Christopher Dodd - D CT - Bribe For: $36,400 - Against: $4,500

Byron Dorgan - D ND - Bribe For: $28,200 - Against: $6,000

Richard Durbin - D IL - Bribe For: $151,050 - Against: $19,000

John Ensign - R NV - Bribe For: $76,297 - Against: $10,500

Michael Enzi - R WY - Bribe For: $87,394 - Against: $21,450

Russell Feingold - D WI - Bribe For: $53,854 - Against: $2,200

Dianne Feinstein - D CA - Bribe For: $168,189 - Against: 25,314

Kirsten Gillibrand - D NY - Bribe For: $98,210 - Against: $10,650

Lindsey Graham - R SC - Bribe For: $101,272 - Against: $5,700

Charles Grassley - R IA - Bribe For: $112,150 - Against: $25,500

Judd Gregg - R NH - Bribe For: $26,000 - Against: $0

Kay Hagan - D NC - Bribe For: $36,250 - Against: $3,500

Thomas Harkin - D IA - Bribe For: $138,135 - Against: $40,600

Orrin Hatch - R UT - Bribe For: $102,215 - Against: $11,600
(See comment received from Senator Hatch's Office below)

Kay Hutchison - R TX - Bribe For: $127,811 - Against: $103,386

James Inhofe - R OK - Bribe For: $66,744 - Against: $36,430

Daniel Inouye - D HI - Bribe For: $26,350 - Against: $11,200

John Isakson - R GA - Bribe For: $280,995 - Against: $10,100

Mike Johanns - R NE - Bribe For: $159,259 - Against: $59,785

Tim Johnson - D SD - Bribe For: $26,850 - Against: $15,000

Edward Kaufman - D DE - Bribe For: $0 - Against: $0

John Kerry - D MA - Bribe For: $14,406 - Against: $250

Amy Klobuchar - D MN - Bribe For: $149,778 - Against: $16,250

Herbert Kohl - D WI - Bribe For: $300 - Against: $0

Jon Kyl - R AZ - Bribe For: $363,660 - Against: $58,906

Mary Landrieu - D LA - Bribe For: $73,622 - Against: $2,250

Frank Lautenberg - D NJ - Bribe For: $37,883 - Agqinst: $3,550

Patrick Leahy - D VT - Bribe For: $13,800 - Against: $2,750

Carl Levin - D MI - Bribe For: $49,900 - Against: $2,000

Joseph Lieberman - I CT - Bribe For: $121,075 - Against: $0

Blanche Lincoln - D AR - Bribe For: $347,526 - Against: $125,297

Richard Lugar - R IN - Bribe For: $153,579 - Against: $21,000

John McCain - R AZ - Bribe For: $118,070 - Against: $21,525

Claire McCaskill - D MO - Bribe For: $48,950 - Against: $7,650

Mitch McConnell - R KY - Bribe For: $439,593 - Against: $42,244

Robert Menéndez - D NJ - Bribe For: $183,850 - Against: $250

Jeff Merkley - D OR - Bribe For: $27,350 - Against; $3,300

Barbara Mikulski - D MD - Bribe For: $52,165 - Against: $1,000

Lisa Murkowski - R AK - Bribe For: $164,713 - Against: $5,800

Patty Murray - D WA - Bribe For: $136,500 - Against: $3,150

Ben Nelson - D NE - Bribe For: $254,906 - Against: $44,950

Bill Nelson - D FL - Bribe For: $205,471 - Against: $35,748

Mark Pryor - D AR - Bribe For: $115,550 - Against: $16,565

John Reed - D RI - Bribe For: $29,350 - Against: $0

Harry Reid - D NV - Bribe For: $133,985 - Against: $10,000

James Risch - R ID - Bribe For: $56,750 - Against; $36,050

Pat Roberts - R KS - Bribe For: $167,294 - Against: $65,186

John Rockefeller - D WV - Bribe For: $21,250 - Against: $1,000

Bernard Sanders - I VT - Bribe For: $7,800 - Against: $4,200

Charles Schumer - D NY - Bribe For: $175,185 - Against: $14,200

Jefferson Sessions - R AL - Bribe For: $65,303 - Against: $16,800

Jeanne Shaheen - D NH - Bribe For: $17,090 - Against: $7,300

Richard Shelby - R AL - Bribe For: $73,616 - Against: $10,000

Olympia Snowe - R ME - Bribe For: $78,136 - Against: $2,000

Arlen Specter - D PA - Bribe For: $209,124 - Against: $9,400

Debbie Ann Stabenow - D MI - Bribe For: $84,941 - Against: $14,482

Jon Tester - D MT - Bribe For: $21,250 - Against: $61,550

John Thune - R SD - Bribe For: $218,900 - Against: $55,625

Mark Udall - D CO - Bribe For: $34,435 - Against: $45,050

Tom Udall - D NM - Bribe For: $27,102 - Against: $51,900

David Vitter - R LA - Bribe For: $188,225 - Against: $8,500

George Voinovich - R OH - Bribe For: $103,850 - Against: $185

Mark Warner - D VA - Bribe For: $116,450 - Against: $8,600

Jim Webb - D VA - Bribe For: $25,300 - Against: $7,700

Sheldon Whitehouse- D RI - Bribe For: $27,025 - Against: $1,500

Roger Wicker - R MS - Bribe For: $147,650 - Against: $16,250

Ron Wyden - D OR - Bribe For: $58,700 - Against: $4,900

Here's a list of the Special Interest Groups that support S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:

Restaurants & drinking establishments $3,217,767
Food and kindred products manufacturing $1,753,503
Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687
Food stores $1,473,532
Beverages (non-alcoholic) $744,551
Vegetables, fruits and tree nut $709,238
American Veterinarian Medical Association $551,750
Beverage bottling & distribution $289,725
Food wholesalers $284,900
Food & Beverage Products and Services $281,137
Fishing $277,984
Chambers of commerce $219,234
Manufacturing $207,740
Food catering & food services $171,835
Confectionery processors & manufacturers $96,438
Consumer groups $6,100
Farm bureaus $0

Here's a list of Here's a list of the Special Interest Groups that sopposed S.510 and how much they bribed (I mean donated) to Senators:

Milk & dairy producers $1,717,687
Livestock $1,561,207
Farm organizations & cooperatives $412,976
Consumer groups $6,100
Farmers, crop unspecified $0

I wonder how the Senators will Vote when the bill reaches the floor of the Senate?

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11-20-2010 11:42 pm - Comment by Randall
I hope the bill fails. I see we have the best government money can buy. It came to no surprise that the two communists from arkansas voted for the bill.

11-21-2010 6:08 pm - Comment by johnw
Andrew Coonce
Mesa Arizona

Wow good work on tracking down all the bribes. You got one thing wrong tho. Not all 'Veterinarians' support it. I'm a veterinarian and I know I sure as hell do not. You meant to say that the American Veterinary Medical Association supports it. Which they do. I sent the AVMA an email the other day telling them how sorely disappointed I am that they should support this latest fetid peice of fascist legislation. Of course, no response. The American Veterinary Medical Association does not represent it's members at all. They are a snobbish,unionish, fascist orgaization that cajoles it's 'members' into continuing their memberships because that's the cheapest way of obtaining malpractice insurance. (Their malpractice insurance requires membership). The only other benefit to membership is their (essentially worthless) journal, which every veterinarian that I know just tosses in the trash upon recieving. So please don't say that veterinarians support S 510. This one emphati
cally does not. (Hey, I have a garden- and so do lots of my clients!!)

11-22-2010 9:28 pm - Comment by johnw
Liberty News online - Inquiry

Jessica Fawson
Washington DC

You posted in this article that Senator Hatch was voting for S 510- the food safety bill and had been "bought off".

First of all he voted against the bill twice last week and continues to remain against the bill, so he obviously hasn't been bought off for the bill. You can check the record but his stance is clear, you can also view his statement against the bill here, I hope that you'd correct your posting about Senator Hatch's stance.Anyways if you'd like to discuss this you are welcome to call me at 202-228-3095 or email me back. Thanks for your time.


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Correct me if I have missed something.
But as far as I know "line items" on all the "bills" they pass are, in fact, BRIBES to get votes for their, waste our money, bills. I thought bribing a public official was a serious crime. This makes 95% of them criminals... doesn't it?? If they are committing this crime every day why are any of them still in office?? Some of them have even gone on camera saying they violate their "oath of office" all; the time!

As Dennis Miller might say "I could be wrong". :-(

Have senators been paid to support S510? Are their any lobbyists connected with this Bill?

The correct answers are: Yes, and yes

Yes, all kinds of lobbyists and Attorneys, giving my Senator (Who voted yes on this bill) a whole bunch of money. Here is a link that you can find out almost anything you want to know about your Rep's in your State. Pass this link around to your contacts so that everyone ,from State to State...can see WHAT and WHO , these Politicians are really working for , because it's not us...they only needs us when it comes to a vote in an election...after they win, they can forget about us...they don't needs us any more....The people of Louisiana has a Rhino for a Senator, and he must be removed from office....

Senate Bill S.510 MUST BE REJECTED by US and our STATES...Please tell everyone to contact their Rep's in the House to Reject this bill...I have some other info, that I will be posting....
All: Senators that voted YES on this Bill S.510, should be Re-called by each State, Removed from office, and sent to your Attorneys General's office and let's tell our States that we don't want this Bill......
This is the same as the Health Care Bill, more power and control over our Food Industry.. Those that control the FOOD,WATER, ENERGY, TAX'S, and HEALTH CARE....controls us THE PEOPLE!
Here are some links, to check out.....

Harry Reid Says "Nothing Can Kill S.510"

We Say, "WRONG, Harry! S. 510 Needs to Die and We are Here to Help!"

The Battle for Our Food Isn't Anywhere NEAR Over Yet! Keep Reading to Find Out Just How Far From The Fat Lady's Song We Are!

Blatently Unconstitutional, S 510 Can Be Killed





Why Take Both? The Answer is Right Here:

1. Senate Has Not Reported S510 Out To House Yet!


2. S510, Section 107 is unconstitutional (only the House can raise revenue) so the House can

2a. "Blue Flag" S510 and send it back to the Senate or

2b. The House can defeat S510 (good)

2c. The House can pass S510 as sent to it (bad)

3. If the House Blue Flags S510, it goes back to the Senate where

3a. The Senate could defeat S510 (good) or

3b. The Senate could run out of time to pass an amended S510 (good) or

3c. The Senate could pass S510 after the amendment to remove Sec. 107. It would then send it to the House again where

3.1 The House could defeat it (good) or

3.2 The House could pass it (tragically bad)

It is time to hammer both the House and the Senate really, really hard.

"Swingin' the Freedom Hammer!"

Back in the 60's there was a freedom song that said, "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over this land. I'd hammer out justice, I'd hammer out freedom, I'd hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters all, all over this land!"

Now, as then, we DO have a hammer. It is the hammer of Political Acitivism and you can swing it right here,, and right here,, right now, to pound home the nails in the coffin of the Food Fascism Bill.

Here Are Your Hammers: Hammer the House and Senate

Hammer the House

Eternal Vigilance: Commentary by Trustee Ralph Fucetola, JD

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty—power is ever stealing from the many to the few…. The hand entrusted with power becomes … the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity."
-- Wendell Phillips, speech in Boston, Massachusetts, January 28, 1852

"A desperate Senate lame-duck majority sees its last chances to impose Food Fascism on America dwindling fast. The authors of this horror, primarily Reid and Harkin, can be expected to try any maneuver in their parliamentary-bag-of-tricks to sneak S.510 (and perhaps the other bad bills) through Congress during the waning hours of the session… and they have about two weeks to do so!

Says one commentator: “Senate sponsor of “the most dangerous legislation in history” – S 510 – Sen. Tom Harkin (IA) insists they’ll find a way to get this FDA food control package through – despite the fact that the House has pointed out its unconstitutionality – (Due to King Harry’s Senate passing a law full of new taxes) a job reserved by the U.S. Constitution for the House of Representatives only.” Read more:
WorldNet Daily.

To conservatives, he's the evil emperor in "Star Wars" – the Empire's shadowy and malevolent puppet-master, the real power behind the widespread subversion and destruction of freedom, prosperity and hope.

But to hundreds of organizations on the political and moral left, he is literally their lifeblood, a revered leader, a godfather – almost a god, who provides good things for his children.

Now, in a stunning exposé, the December issue of Whistleblower shines a thousand-watt spotlight on the "dark lord" of the left – billionaire investor George Soros.

"GEORGE SOROS AND HIS EVIL EMPIRE" illuminates the heart and soul of this mysterious leftwing transformer of societies. It reveals how he creates and financially sustains scores of influential and shockingly anti-American organizations – all dedicated to converting America into a European-style, government-controlled, socialist state.

"Soros, like Obama, is wired very differently than most of us," says WND Managing Editor David Kupelian. "He rejects and reviles most things decent Americans regard as good and sacred, and he tends to favor everything rotten: He wants to legalize drugs. He supports euthanasia. He's for socialism and opposes free-market capitalism. He’s for devaluing America's currency, telling the Financial Times last year 'an orderly decline of the dollar is actually desirable.' He supports the destruction of American sovereignty in favor of global governance. He detests conservative talk radio, Fox News and WorldNetDaily, and funds organizations that constantly attack the only free press America currently has."

In short, says Kupelian, "if it's immoral, subversive or harmful to America, Soros favors it, organizes it and funds it. If it's noble and freedom-producing, like free markets and small government, he despises it and creates organizations to undermine and ultimately destroy it. This issue of Whistleblower shines intense daylight on all of this."

Highlights of "GEORGE SOROS AND HIS EVIL EMPIRE" include:

* "George Soros bets against America" by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., on how Soros attacks capitalism and makes billions on a global recession

* "The emperor" by David Kupelian, describing the kind of person that can profit personally at the expense of entire nations

* "The most dangerous man in the world?" by Joseph Farah, who ranks Soros above Obama and other likely "candidates"

* "Soros: This is 'when my character was made'" by Art Moore, who takes readers back to the Jewish billionaire investor's chilling Nazi-occupation drama during his teen years

* "MAN OF 1,000 FACES: Organizations directly funded by Soros and his Open Society Institute" – a comprehensive list and description of over 150 groups, each more subversive than the last, all financed by Soros

* "How the leftwing money machine works" by Art Moore, on how the secretive Tides network "launders" donations to radical causes

* "Rush Limbaugh: Soros is promoting widespread voter fraud" * "Progressives won midterms, claims Soros-funded group," which now calls on Obama to govern via executive order and ignore Congress to push his radical agenda, by Aaron Klein * "Soros' scheme for 'elite' judiciary" by Bob Unruh, on Soros' "highly coordinated, well-funded" campaign to "exclude conservative, rule-of-law judges"

* "Documentary embraces leftwing terrorists" by Matthew Vadum, revealing Soros' heavy involvement in underwriting and screening subversive, anti-American films * "Group wants feds to probe talk radio" by Aaron Klein, on rising leftwing complaints cable-news networks are engaged in "hate speech"

* "All the news that fits Soros's agenda" by Ed Lasky, on how three leftist billionaires conspire to control the future of journalism * "Soros, healthcare rationing and the 'Death Project'" by Jerome R. Corsi, on why Soros is such a big supporter of medical rationing

* "The problem of the radical non-Jewish Jew" by Dennis Prager, on why George Soros works so hard to undermine his own people

"Soros," says WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah, "is an America hater. There's no other way to put it. He recently said only America stands in the way of globalist progress and he's going to do everything in his power to bring America to its knees."

Farah adds: "Most of all, I am outraged by Soros' attempt to buy elections."

"Make no mistake," concludes Kupelian. "George Soros' goal is nothing less than to overthrow the United States of America and its Constitution. Fortunately, armed with the kind of information and insight found in this issue of Whistleblower, there's real hope we can engage and defeat the forces of the atheistic left which, for some strange and ungodly reason, always seem to be offended by everything good."
More of George Soros......“staged”-crime-scene/

WikiLeaks: a “staged” crime scene
December 1, 2010
By Doug Hagmann
In the realm of criminal investigation, there are instances where a crime has been committed but the criminal, in an attempt to confuse investigators and redirect the investigation away from themselves or conceal their true intent, will alter the crime scene. That’s called “staging,” and is often indicated when investigators encounter details that initially appear baffling when viewed in the larger context of the crime scene.

Based on my professional analysis of the available facts surrounding the WikiLeaks controversy, “staging” is exactly what has taken place.

Over the weekend, WikiLeaks 39 year-old founder Julian Assange dumped about a quarter of a million classified State Department documents on the internet.

Given the “chaos” allegedly created by the document dump, including the reported threat to matters of national security and even the personal security of our operational assets, several indicators exist that point to the WikiLeaks data dump as being a staged event.

Consider that while the WikiLeaks documents were being dumped, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in a coordinated effort with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency were tasked with seizing over 80 websites for copyright infringement. If there was a genuine administrative concern over the publication of sensitive documents, it would hardly seem reasonable to direct intelligence assets in that manner.

Since the government had knowledge of the document “theft” for several months, had time to investigate and identify digital fingerprints of those involved as well as the documents themselves, it is reasonable to question why no direct governmental action was taken when there was ample opportunity to do so.

[Romanticpoet note here: WHY was Hillary Clinton in contact with "allies" BEFORE the document dump? WHO did she KNOW to contact? HOW did she KNOW which documents were "hacked" and were scheduled to be dumped?]
In criminal matters, it is also important to address motive. In this case, the question “who benefits” must be asked. After careful review of many of the released documents, it can be reasonably established that the primary beneficiaries of this exposure are the progressives, globalists and members of the power elite. The documents appear to assault our democratic process and ultimately, our national sovereignty.

When all of the factors behind the WikiLeaks data dump are analyzed, I suspect that it this event will serve as a catalyst for this administration to advance their known objectives to regulate the internet. With Cass Sunstein as the head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs , the organized chaos created by WikiLeaks will certainly provide the requisite fodder to control the type of information available through the internet.
Considering the obvious staging of the data damp, it is of little surprise to also learn that Assange is the current globalists’ version of “six degrees of Kevin Bacon.” In this case, it is many degrees fewer, and it’s not actor Kevin Bacon, but George Soros who serves as the trivia link. Soros linked attorney Mark Stephens, who does pro bono work for the Open Society Institute, appears to be representing Assange as he remains in hiding in the UK.
Read entire article at:

**Emboldened and italicized areas done by me for focal effect.**

and WHY should be questioned with BOLDNESS and WITHOUT FEAR!
This was written by a friend......

As the elections ended, I wrote that what had just happened in the 2010 elections was not a victory ... it simply got us to the starting line because the establishment politicians still do not get it. Unfortunately, they have proven again they're not getting it with the passage of the Senate Bill S.510, known as the Food Safety Modernization Act.

This sweeping law gives big government and big business all the power in the world over our food supply. Technically, roadside vegetable stands and non-hybrid seed storage are illegal under this bill. In fact, just about anything to do with food now comes under the control of the FDA and DHS. The bureaucracy in D.C., to meet their obligations under this bill, will be obliged to hire thousands more workers and will have the right to invade any farm or ranch in America without suspicion of wrong doing, a warrant, or even advanced notice.

Under this bill your tax dollars can now be spent to harass truck farms, small market farms, even restaurant farms that produce their own vegetables. According to Dr. Shiv Chopra, a Canadian Health whistleblower, “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God."
This is a bill that:

· Puts all U.S. food and all U.S. farms under Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, in the event of contamination or an ill-defined emergency.

· This bill ends "perfect protection" of U.S. law and puts all food law under the overawing authority of international law (World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations), which endangers our food supply; inasmuch as, the world can demand that we give them our food, and it surrenders our sovereignty to foreign entities. It also allows the Codex laws (a global system of food controls including supplements, natural supplements and vitamins which we have repeatedly defeated) to take effect here and now.
· This bill could presumably (under Maritime Law in a convoluted, legal mumbo, jumbo way) control the growing of all food in the U.S. and apply smuggling laws to any unauthorized growing of food.

· This bill allows the government to force us into using genetically altered plants and animals for our food supply, which means they control what we put into our bodies for food, and becomes a huge profit center for companies like Monsanto.
· It controls, and will virtually eliminate over a period of time, small producers of both livestock and produce.

· It introduced "Food Crimes" into the U.S., removing any last vestige, or even the illusion of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So why am I telling you all of this? I think it is important to understand what the United States Senate has just voted to do to us. This is sedition and possibly treason. It gives aid and comfort to our enemies in the United Nations. It would give them power over the most crucial element of our ability to live and be free ... our food supply. It is an act of war against the sovereignty of the nation and the people of the United States, and this bill will, if it makes it back through the House of Representatives, be the seeds (no pun intended) of our destruction in the very near future. I believe when the now unavoidable economic collapse hits, this is the bill that will be used to subjugate the population.

"Do what we say or you don't eat." Does any of this sound familiar? It should. You might want to reread Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

I have heard a number of people postulate that what the George Soros funded, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange did in releasing our private, diplomatic, military and other communiqués to potential enemies is both espionage and sedition. If simply releasing documents is sedition, does not the surrendering our entire food supply to our foreign enemies and a few large corporations at least rise to the same level? Being a member of the "government" does not give one the right to betray their nation. Benedict Arnold was a member of the army, but it gave him no license to betray his country.

Remember, it has been reported that one large company, Monsanto, will benefit enormously from the passage of this bill. Again reportedly, who was one of the largest shareholders in Monsanto ... Mr. Soros. Nothing new there. Mr. Soros is attempting, in every way, to carry out his stated goal of bringing down the United States in favor of his version of a New World Order. The sad part is ... he is winning.

One might logically expect national betrayal from the likes of progressives Pelosi and Reid, both of whom have made sedition their stock and trade, but when the Republicans, on whom we have just conferred considerably more power, embrace the same seditions acts, it is time for the nation and the Tea Parties to take action. Seems the Republicans and the Democrats have reached consensus, which is, of course, code for a truck load of expediency and not a smidgen of moral character or principle. Just for the record, there was not one Democrat who voted "nay" on S.510.

Following are the names of the traitors in the Republican Party who voted to surrender our food supply and production to our enemies: Alexander (R-TN), Brown (R-MA), Burr (R-NC), Collins (R-ME), Enzi (R-WY), Grassley (R-IA), Gregg (R-NH), Johanns (R-NE), Kirk (R-IL), LeMieux (R-FL), Lugar (R-IN), Murkowski (R-AK), Snowe (R-ME), Vitter (R-LA), and Voinovich (R-OH).

Meanwhile, neither Senator Brownback of Kansas nor Senator Kit Bond of Missouri were available for the vote. Senator Brownback's office told us he opposed the bill and that would have been there if he thought he could have made a difference. I spoke with the "lady" who answered the phone in Senator Kit Bond's office (Missouri) and asked if there was a reason why the Senator had not been in D.C. for the vote, she became very defensive and nearly shouted, "Yes, it was for personal reasons and a damn good one." I reminded her that there was no reason to swear. "Me thinks the lady doeth protest too much."

I am dumbfounded that these elected officials think they could not have made a difference. We are talking about our national sovereignty and they did not care enough to be there and vote. Had these senators stuck together, lobbied their fellow senators to stand united as a block, they could have filibustered the vote and stopped it in its tracks. What this tells me is there was no united front and no sense of urgency even about our sovereignty and food supply from Mitch McConnell or the Republican leadership. Their failure to stop this act - or any act of sedition against the people of the United States - is beyond appalling ... it is unconscionable!

Listen to what a Democratic Senator Michael Bennett (D-CO), who was unaware that a microphone was still on, said about S.510:

Betrayal after betrayal. They have now done to food in this country what the traitors that set up the Federal Reserve have done to our money supply ... only worse. We are not subject just to the whim of pretty smart bankers, we are now subject to the whim of the idiots, communists, fascists, and totalitarian thugs of the U.N. This is another win for the Soros/Obama New World Order and brings us just one step closer to absolute government (read world government) control of our food chain, our economy, our manufacturing, finances, and government.

If there were any justice in this world, these senators would be recalled and tried for their crimes against their constituents in a state court where the feds could not throw the charges out. Mr. Obama would be impeached for either gross incompetence - for those naive enough to believe he is just a bad president - or sedition - for those who understand what he is really up to.

That leaves us with Mr. Soros. Mr. Soros is openly engaged in acts of war against this country. Mr. Soros is both a seditionist and a traitor. He should be arrested and tried for his crimes against the people of this country. Certainly, he has committed crimes against several nations, collapsing their economies, etc. But their ineffectual whining does little to stop this one man crime wave. The people of this nation should stand up and demand his immediate arrest.

But sadly that won't happen. Where would one find a constitutional federal prosecutor in our modern court system? And still more difficult, where would one find a constitutional federal judge? So where does the answer lie? Perhaps the answer lies in the 10th Amendment. Perhaps in secession. Perhaps we attempt all of the above.

But at his current rate of assimilation, this "absolutely inept" president, who has taken over the insurance industry, agriculture, manufacturing, banking, and the health care industry (about 85% of the U.S. economy), will be in a position to declare himself "benevolent dictator for life" long before the next election. That, of course, assumes that there will be a next election; if one assumes that the economy doesn't collapse leading to chaos, panic, and unprecedented violence leading us to beg for martial law ... which Mr. Obama would be only too happy to provide.

The real question is not: Should we act in response to this outrageous attack on our sovereignty? The question is: Will we? Sadly, the answer is probably not. And when the trap is sprung and the hyper inflation starts, and violence is widespread, these same traitors will go right along with the suspension of the constitution, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves ... because we didn't have the political and judicial will to stop them.

It has been said that, “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” I am sure my critics will lodge between steps one and two, some will ridicule me, others will violently oppose me and call me a hate monger etc., etc., etc., but to all of them I'll close with an old Russian Proverb: You’ll know it is true when it happens to you.
End Of Liberty : please watch this , How the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse! Please send this to all your contacts..
Oops! I made a major grammatical error in my post above that I just saw. The edit option is not available.

The word should be "there," not "their."

As of 12/6/2010 the Food Safety Act is "Dead in the Water".





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