We No Longer Have Nor Live By the Constitution of the United States

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What does a certificate of "Live" Birth prove? We know he's alive. We see him daily and sometimes, if it's a bad day for us, several times a day. Anyway the birth certificate isn't the main problem here. He is not a "Natural Born" Citizen. People have tried to revise the constitution to make it appear as he is, but his father was a british citizen. That alone makes him not eligible to be POTUS!


It would not matter if he was born on my front porch....that still does not make him a Natural Born citizen of the United States.

Sorry I posted it.. I am just becoming aware of the court marshall. I thought that Hawaii was a part of the US.

I don't want an argument. I am a vet as well.

Maybe this will help you  a bit... and maybe not. There are none so blind as those that will not see.

What I don't understand is when I joined the USNR I had to provide the CORRECT documentation. obummer runs for PRESIDENT and is not required to provide the same quality docs... why??


having been a military dependent my entire life, this disgusts me!  that judge should be demoted & courtmartialed herself!  and those military members sitting on the jury should be ashamed of themselves...

Fully agree!

Why was he courtmartialed?

The official reason for the Courts Martial was failing to obey orders to deploy.

You claim to be a vet and don't know Courts Martial is 2 words??


I understand Scumbaga even sealed his records by PRESIDENTIAL ORDER. "IF" he is, in fact, eligible to be President why hide them?? You would think he would want the wall street journal to publish these facdts for all to see to stop the speculation!!

Unless, of course, he is in fact NOT ELIGIBLE!! Then of course you want to go to all extremes possible to hide the TRUTH!!


He has an aunt in Kenya that has said she was present at obummer's birth... IN KENYA!!

The audio is on youtube



Don't ask... Dont tell...

right Bob...it's easy to spot New Online Military Scammers and pretenders.

I served in the USAF 71-74. (Viet Nam Era) No need in proving that to anyone...

You gotta admit though Humble, Ole bob don't look like a jock, now does he?...


- 2 dictionary results

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[kawrt-mahr-shuhl, -mahr-, kohrt-] Show IPA
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–verb (used with object)
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