We No Longer Have Nor Live By the Constitution of the United States

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Well now I know why people are NOT wanting to post here. I guess some don't know how to stay on topic here. I'm OUT!

Like I said bobbie, don't ass dont tell...

Lt.Col Larkin was Court Martialled for refusing orders to deploy to Afghanistan as a part of the 101st Airborne Division. The good Lt.Col Larkin questioned the eligibility of Scumbama being a citizen!  Any officer can question the orders of a higher but Scumbama, refuses to open any of his records.

The Lt. Colonel used the Constitution as the basis of his request. Now as we have seen he was railroaded by his fellow officers, convicted and faces  time in Ft. Levenworth Kansas because he dared question Scumbama's right to be in the highest office in the land.


The certification of "Live Birth" is given to children BORN OUT SIDE OF THE UNITED STATES that is not a valid birth certificate!


Sadly, a group of Jews, Private Bankers, and Business People, from 1990 had divested 2 trillion dollars in China every 5 years. Today, they are divesting all US funds in China, building more than 3000 sky rises which no one can pay and fill out, the intention move by price all the investment to that country. The result, control by language barrier for up to 1000 the global business and network at the communication era. Those who know the structure of Mandarin know that this is possible with their language. They are doing so because they know the can repeat the medieval experience with the mandarin with flawless perfection.


This happened before. I read long ago, in an intelligence class that back at the 14th century, just after going out of the dark ages and the renascence appeared, during the extermination of the Templers, the three powers planned a suprastructure which will, in turns control the power for 1000 years and it did. The security system was the language. The scholars and priests developed two languages always, the one for the people on power, and the one for the normal people. They developed on their languages, accents and structures just to prevent common people and courtesans to access, understand, follow, and interpret information and to talk to empowered people.


The language is so complex and flexible to combination that can secure governance over the communication era with enough control power to keep in charge of financials, industries and technologies. Beware because these traitors are doing to US and to America what they did to Europeans 600 years ago merging all the citizens into poverty and dependence for ever, really bad.


All the investment in Asia when the center of the energy is Middle East and Russia is to move all the network controlling there. They parasited for centuries the US, and now they are planning to leave the country like a cigar crop, only the carcass and empty inside.


LTC Lakin is a political prisoner who deserves ours undivided support for his sacrafice. Go to the website www.protectourliberty.org to learn more about the LTC and to help him and his family cope with this unjustice we usually see in third world countries and places like the Soviet Union and China.
All reports of the Constitution's demise have been greatly over-exaggerated. Don't believe the liberal progressive socialist propaganda or give in to it. The Constitution is not yet dead, but it does need a fresh infusion of new blood to revive it and restore it back to our great Republic and system of balanced government. No more games - Restore Our Constitution!
Thank you! The reports of the Constitution's demise HAS been greatly exaggerated. The Constitution has ben challanged time and time again since its inception. The substance of our great Constitution shall forever be acknowledged. But it will always be challanged.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7926967/...





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