Hey my Conservative Family...I was asked this question earlier today...I didn't have an answer because..The people on this website are true real Conservatives...more Conservative than what we have in Washington.If it wasn't for Rush and Sean...keeping conservativism alive...I'm sorry my Bros and Sis..We would be lost..We would have to rely on Mainstream news and then Conservatism would die..I don't know about you...But I love being a Conservative...and I love voting for the Republican Party..Except the 2 moderate Republicans that I would classify them weak Moderates...Oh come on...You know who I'm talking about...
But I won;t name any names( John McCain & Olympia Snow)...Hey...You didn't hear it from me....Now that the world gave the Nobel Peace Prize to a weak President...that haven't done a thing to earn it...You have Reagan who Liberated 10's of million in Germany and Soviet Union...you have George W...Who Liberated 10s of millions of Muslem...What do they get...Nothing...They give one to this know nothing ..Do Nothing...President,..who is destroying his own Country...They feel..if Obama is going to ruin his counrty and no longer having the USA to be a superpower...Heeeey Lets give this cracker jack prize to him...Trust me my family...don't get me started on him..i can go all day with this crap prize he got...
But back to my point..WHO WOULD BE THE MOST CONSERVATIVE PRESIDENT..?? well...
I don't know if you would agree with me...But I will have to go with Sarah...YES I SAID IT...Sarah Palin...I have my reasons...don't you look at me like that...Sarah is Smart...She is extremely Smart.She is laying low...and when the time comes...POW...David Letterman will have to come up with a whole new set of unfunny jokes...She would get my vote for the most conservative in the Lime light...If you have one that is more conservative ...let me know..I might want to campaign for them...

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Mitt Romney's healthcare plan is modelled after the auto insurance plan. It works in Massachusetts. We all need healthcare. End of story. He does not have government healthcare, he just made it the law that you need healthcare.

Also, Romney does not support Homosexual Marriage.

Also, the "powers that be" do not. It is the precinct committeeman who vote.
While we may all need healthcare to one degree or another, our government does not have any constitutional authority to force health care over anyone against their better choice or then fine them for not doing so - that is pure unadulterated classical Socialism. Some people cannot afford it, some don't want it, and others choose rather to "pay as they go." Socialism, on the other hand, is clearly not the way to go, Jason - "end of story" on that one, my young friend. :)
When did government regulation equal socialism? Is that what we believe now? That the government can't tell us what to do?

I for one support mandatory health care. If you doont have healthcare and you get sick, guess who takes the bill? The american people. Or is that considered socialism and we should just leave you hanging to die.
Jason - don't misunderstand what I'm saying. The Government does not have "blanket authority" to tell people what to do - it never has. The purpose of the Constitution was to strictly limit the powers of government to prevent it from forcing tyranny over We the People. This is why the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution specifically state that all rights not specifically granted to the Government by the Constitution belong to the People and the States. And nowhere in the Constitution does it give the Government any right or authority to regulate health care -- period, end of discussion. Prove me wrong: you can't. Don't overlook the point that the Government has no Constitutional authority to force anyone to buy anything against their choice and better judgment. The American people have never believed that it is Government's place to tell us how to run our lives or to meddle in our private affairs -- that's why we have a Constitution to protect us from the abuses of Big Government.

And unconstitutional government regulation is a fundamental aspect of Socialism, in general. If I get sick, I pay my own medical bills (or agree to make payments until the bills are paid) - and this is the way it should be under our Free Market system. The support of "mandatory" health care is a blind support of Socialism -- it is not a support of our Constitutional rights and freedoms. And the Government has never had any authority to tell people how to spend their own money or fine them and jail them for not doing so - as it does under the Baucus bill! It doesn't get any simpler than this, Jason.
with all due respect , i agree with jim. we the people should have a choice in what is best for us . another problem is long waits and under staffing in hospitals and nursing homes .
Everything I have heard says Romney's health care plann doesn't work in Massachusetts, that it is an utter and complete waste of time and money. We do not need a state or federal government run ANYTHING! We need them to get the hell out of the way and allow us to take care of ourselves. As my friend Paul Kirchner said;
"Most of us could get along better with much less government than we have; there are others though who seem to require lifelong shephearding from prenatal care to the electric chair. It makes no sense to talk self-government to a man that cannot govern his own behavior."
If you fit into the latter category, you have my sympathy but please do not ask the United States citizens to support you.
i think the best man who could make a really great president is someone y'all have never heard from

Col Allen West running for congress here in Florida IF he an Sarah could team up wow!
Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and possibly Huckabee, but I heard that he is CFR.
The President can't spend our money. Our Congress critters do that. In order to take back our nation, ALL incumbents up for election in 2010 must be removed. Sitting in the House or Senate was never meant to be a career. Why would someone spend millions to have a CHANCE to get a job which pays $250,000 at best. Would you be willing to make such a deal with an employment agency?
Robert, before you dismiss ALL incumbents, there are at least two that must be retained. Both of Oklahoma's Senators are squarely on the conservative side. Senator James Inhofe and Dr. Tom Coburn have done more to throw a monkey wrench into the liberal's doings than any others! Sen. Inhofe stands firmly in support of our troops and the constitution, and regularly keeps constituents informed of what's going on behind closed doors! Sen. Coburn has consistently authored bills upholding American values, exposing government corruption and tyranny, stands firmly against government intrusion into private business, and health care, supports state's sovereignty, and has returned all perk bonuses and pay raises! Both hold town hall meetings all over the state, and are proven to listen and heed concerns of all voters!
Now, if I had millions to spend for a $250K job, where I could help to maintain adherence to the constitution in a governmental position, I would do it in a flash! MY country means a whole lot more to me than money! In fact, during the early 80's, I did just that! It wasn't millions, it was only $65K, but I gave it up at the behest of Ronald Reagan to help the California State and U.S. Congressional Advisory Board, without pay!!
I would add to those who should stay Michele Bachmann and Jason Chaffetz of Utah. That guy is sleeping on a cot in his office just like I vow to do if elected and is fiscally and socially conservative. BTW, right now the salary for a freshamn Congressman is $174k
Hello Stingray
Can you do something to GET RID OF PELOSI ??? PLEASE !





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