John McCain has a big lead over J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona Republican primary. After McCain wins the primary and the election, he’ll go back to Washington and join with Lindsay Graham to support the Democratic comprehensive immigration plan and stab Arizonans (and South Carolinians) in the back. Cindy McCain (John’s wife) was on Fox and Friends this morning and Allyson asked her point blank if she supports Arizona’s new illegal immigration law. Cindy would not say she supported it, she would only say that she wanted it settled, which means she doesn’t support it. I’m sure this reflects how John McCain feels about it, and considering all of his other RINO actions, I cannot for the life of me understand how he keeps getting elected in Arizona. Can anyone enlighten me?

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McCain is a seasoned politician who like Obama will throw anyone under the bus, when we think his career is over he comes back again and again, I expect Hayworth doesn't have the $$, I did support Hayworth but was turned off after he bungled his position on Obama's eligibility. I expect most people in AZ know that Obama could never meet the natural born citizen requirement just based on his father never a US citizen or "immigrant" despite Karl Rove attempting to legitimize Obama in his latest book. Plus AZ residents should realize it was McCain that allowed Obama to win the fraudulent election and McCain should be thrown out of office.
Hayworth is fighting a three front battle without sufficient support financially or politically.

McCain is outspending Hayworth at a rate of more than 3 to 1 and is undergoing his 2nd or 3rd "conservative conversion" which will only last as long as he's campaigning for the nomination. Palin is supporting McCain, along with the Liberal Republican establishment. Hayworth doesn't have to just beat McCain, he has to beat the establishment, Palin and a 5+ million dollar McCain war chest.

Put all this aside, I wouldn't panic just yet. Even with everyone else doing the heavy lifting and carrying his carcass up the hill McCain--who supported amnesty 3 years ago-- is still stuck at about 50%. I still have no doubt that Meghan (McCain's daughter)will open her mouth, say something stupid, give the TEA Party and the Conservatives an opening to get behind Hayworth unilaterally and giving JD a shot. The bigger question in my mind is what happens to Palin?

Her endorsement of McCain was a catch 22. Palin's favorable ratings have suffered since the endorsement and I sure a hell question her character judgment now.

Here's a good piece Mark Levin wrote regarding some of the garbage McCain and his boys have been spewing.





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