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Rick Torres Talks To Judge Napolitano

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Rick Torres and Judge Napolitano

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I Will NEVER Comply With Obamacare!

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Comment by Sylvan Tieger on February 5, 2010 at 2:36pm
Still not to later to try them for treason

When our security is compromised then I think

It is time to think about trying these morons for treason
Comment by Marilyn Sharples on February 5, 2010 at 7:11am
One down, many across our Nation to go.
Comment by Brandon on January 25, 2010 at 1:54pm
Way to go, Brown!
Comment by Madison on January 19, 2010 at 7:28am
Massachusetts Miracle

Mr.Obama, Keep Your Promise!
Durning his debate with Clinton..BLAH BLAH BLAH...He is the one who shut people out and went behind closed doors and made sweetheart deals..He shut C-Span out and he kept the people out...Better Ideas ? Yep we the people have better ideas..Get out of our White House and Martha Coakley is running the same kind of ads that Obama has ranned in election.WE SURE DON'T NEED MORE OF THE SAME AS OBAMA IS.VOTE THE BUMS OUT 2010 2012! WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY AND GOVERNMENT BACK..


America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

Journalism: The Most Trusted Scam In America

MASS HYSTERIA: The Coakley-Brown Race Has Surprises the MSM Won't Show You

MASS HYSTERIA II: Brown's Momentum Builds, Coakley's Desperation Grows

Obama Claus is Coming to Town

Neil Cavuto: Scott Brown Is Fair Game Mr. President- His Truck Isn’t

Marcus "We Love you Sir Marcus"
Keep the government out of our lives..VOTE Dem-O-Rats out

Mr. President, Keep Your Promise!
Durning his debate with Clinton..BLAH BLAH BLAH...He is the one who shut people out and went behind closed doors and made sweetheart deals..He shut C-Span out and he kept the people out...Better Ideas ? Yep we the people have better ideas..Get out of our White House and Martha Coakley is running the same kind of ads that Obama has ranned in election.WE SURE DON'T NEED MORE OF THE SAME AS OBAMA IS.VOTE THE BUMS OUT 2010 2012! WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY AND GOVERNMENT BACK..


Fail. Coakley & Obama Hold Rally In Boston– Can’t Fill It Up
Hecklers Stop Obama's Speech In Massachusetts for Nearly 3 Minutes -
The lies keep a coming! blah blah blah-Blah blah blah...

Open Letter To The Democratic Party
Comment by Madison on January 16, 2010 at 11:18am
The U.S. is "going to Haiti" in more ways than one.

Hey, folks in Massachusetts--Humanitarian aid to the Third World is fine. Turning yourself into the Third World for the benefit of a marxist dictator is not. Haiti is what, in a very pertinent way, Obama wants the U.S. to become. Look at Haiti. The people are dependent upon the government because the government has robbed them of every last rag they own and stolen the billions in development aid and charity sent there every year. The government barely exists except to steal but there's nowhere else to turn except to the street gangs. I don't know if the Haitian government works in cahoots with the gangs, but I know the current U.S, government works through ACORN, SEIU and much of the AFL-CIO, Black Panthers, Communist Party, Socialist Party, La Raza and the Democrat Party itself which jokes about how loose it is but in fact is the most tightly-woven gang since Hitler established the Gestapo.

I notice the great humanitarian fund-raiser for Haiti, Bill Clinton, was in Washington Friday lobbying for the election of Obama-stooge Coakley in Massachusetts. And Obama, the savior of Haiti, is spending the weekend in Massachusetts. Coakley can't get help from her Dem Governor Deval Patrick--who is either Obama's puppet or the other way around--because Patrick's "popularity" is in the dumpster along with BO's.
But the Dems are desperate to keep the chains of their dictatorship unbroken so BO is giving up his customary weekend revelries this one time.

And as usual, sane Americans are forced to overcome the fact that a large portion of our population is out of its mind and actually supports the totalitarian takeover disguised as Obama's "reforms."

Please, people of Massachusetts, take note.
Comment by Madison on January 8, 2010 at 9:53am
Strange Tales Of The Vampire Congress Meet the Beltway bloodsuckers. They convene in the dead of night

Meet the Beltway bloodsuckers. They convene in the dead of night, when most ordinary mortals have left work and let their guard down or are lying asleep in bed. Pale-faced and insatiable, the nocturnal thieves do their nefarious business in backrooms and secret chambers.

Their primary victims? Taxpayers, the free market and deliberative democracy.

Democratic leaders have been promising the most ethical, transparent, open and engaged administration for years. Instead, they have delivered a bleak and creepy legislative environment that could double as a "Twilight" movie set.

Skulking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rammed the government health care takeover package through under the cover of darkness before Thanksgiving and Christmas. House Democratic leaders forbade debate on all but one amendment not authored by themselves.

The Senate Finance Committee killed a GOP amendment that would have required Demcare to be available online for 72 hours before the committee voted. Reid and his Volterra-style henchmen cut last-minute cash-for-cloture deals behind closed doors.

And now House and Senate Democratic leaders are reportedly preparing to cut dissenters out of the reconciliation process by bypassing the formal conference committee.

In Hill parlance, this legislative shortcut is called "ping-ponging." A better game analogy: dodgeball. With mounting opposition from both conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats, Obama's water-carriers must use every trick in the book to speed the final merging and passage of the bill before the end of the month.

The hypocrisy reeks stronger than rotting garlic. In 2006, House Democrats asserted that "House-Senate conferences are a critical part of the deliberative process because they produce the final legislative product that will become the law of the land."

That same year, Reid railed on the Senate floor against informal deal-making that circumvented the conference committee process — and he attacked the use of manager's amendments to avoid public scrutiny:

"Of course, nobody can see the manager's amendment. It is composed of over 40 amendments. How could anyone vote for a piece of legislation such as that — a manager's amendment with 42 separate amendments? Now, these amendments were not put in a conference committee.

"People complain about that. But at least in a conference committee, you have people working together, sticking things in. . .. Here, you have one person making a decision as to what is going to be in the manager's amendment. There is no way to know what is in it."

But four years later, it was Reid who snuck his 383-page manager's amendment — stuffed with payoffs, special breaks and concessions on health care — into the Senate hopper on the Saturday before Christmas break. Four years later, it is Reid stifling the open, collaborative conference committee process he so fiercely championed.

Where's Barack Obama? As a candidate, he promised repeatedly to broadcast legislative negotiations on C-SPAN "so that the American people can see what the choices are" and "so that the public will be part of the conversation and will see the choices that are being made."

But the most transparent presidential administration ever is shrugging its shoulders. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs pooh-poohed C-SPAN's request to allow electronic media coverage of the Demcare negotiations.

Instead, Gibbs thinks Americans should be grateful for what they got last month: "The Senate did a lot of their voting at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning on C-SPAN. ... And I think if you watched that debate — I don't know — I wasn't up at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning for a lot of those votes, but I think if the American public had watched ... you'd have seen quite a bit of public hearing and public airing."

And if you missed the middle-of-the-night broadcasts, tough noogies.

Team Obama's contempt for meaningful transparency has been on display from Day One. A year ago this month, Obama broke his vaunted open-government pledge with the very first bill he signed into law. On Jan. 29, 2009, the White House boasted that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act had been posted online for review.

Except: Obama had already signed it — in violation of his "sunlight before signing" pledge to post legislation for public comment on the White House Web site five days before he sealed any deal.

From the stimulus to the health care takeover to holiday bailouts for bankrupt financial behemoths Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it's been all backrooms and blackouts ever since. The Prince of Darkness at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is perfectly happy with his Vampire Congress. Wraiths of a sunshine-evading feather flock together.


Jack Cafferty Rips Obama on Failed Openness Pledge: 'Just Another Lie Told for Political Expediency'


Important Message From #1 Regarding "Open To CSPAN" Promise In Obamacare Debate.


Comment by Ron on December 26, 2009 at 1:27pm
Scott Brown has an office in Holyoke.

555 Canal St.
Holyoke, MA

10am - 8pm Daily
7 days a week

Signs, Bumper stickers available. He needs help phone banking. It's very easy and pre-programmed on the phones, if you've never seen it, it is really something. Check it out and help if you can.
Comment by el22526 on September 1, 2009 at 6:42am

Comment by el22526 on September 1, 2009 at 5:59am
I have just sent to the Gov. of Mass an email.
The email was regarding the letter Mr Ted Kennedy sent to him and other law makers urging them to change the States Constititution related to the Vacant Seat that is now in the US Senate.
In my letter I expressed ( Very professionally worded) that Mr Kennedy was aware that he was not going to survive out his term in office and should have resigned in Jan 2009 or before to preserve the integrity of the State of Mass. Constituton and the US Constitution. Although He didn't thus pressuring the states law makers to alter or change the States Constitution to appease to his actions of blatent disregard and thus his violations of 5 USC 3331 Oath of Office. I have asked the Gov. To uphold his Oath and preserve one of the Founding States Constitutions .
In my letter I also express that Mr Kennedy had been knighted by the Queen of England and this was announced in March of 2009 in the US Congress. This was more evidence that he was not obeying his Oath of Office Based upon America has been to war 2 times with England over our Soveriegnty and that England has throughout history awarded Leaders of other nations Titles and Deeds such as Knighthood for them to bear allegiance to the Crown over their own people of their state and country. Below is not what was sent. Yet it explains the impacts of what Mr Ted Kennedy has done to futher damage the United States of America.
I hold the utmost respect for Mr John F. Kennedy as well as his son Mr JF Kennedy was a real war time hero. He also served his nation with th utmost integrity For the most part. Some of his actions many may disagree with. Yet He was determined to Uphold his oath of Office. and Because of this along with issuing Executive Order 11110 Those who have been involved in what we are witnessing today with the Federal Reserve Banks and the financial collapse and Business take overs it was all part of what he was hoping to prevent.
Comment by Marilyn Sharples on August 26, 2009 at 6:14am
Just learned Senator Kerry will hold a town hall meeting 9-2-09 at the Somerville High School from 7:30-9:00. It' a hike for us but will try and be there.

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