Progressively Stealing Our Free-Thinking


By Lisa Richards

March 8, 2009


Too many Americans have purposely misused terminology in order to enact their progressive plans.


Teddy Roosevelt was not a true republican; we all know this. He was a liberal, who hated America's Constitution and heritage and Founding and wanted to change us by progressing us toward European parliamentary-style government in which the government tells you what to do and you do it or else.


Wilson and FDR followed TR’s ideology and they did something completely disgraceful that most conservatives do not realize or many Americans for that matter: these men took liberalism and turned it into Marx's socialism and called themselves liberals.


True liberals were John Locke, Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Hayek, James Madison, John Adams, Washington, Andrew Jackson, who dems love to call themselves: Jacksonians (and that is a complete insult to a man who fought for small government, self-government, state's rights and took down the government bank controlling the stat's money), Benjamin Rush, Ann Hutchinson, Roger Sherman, and the list goes on of classical thinkers who were the real, true liberals, which stands for free-thinkers of liberty.


20th century progressives stole the mantra and made it evil.


Now our Founders were in fact conservatives: they believed in God, 27 signers were theologians, Congress, the Senate, schools, all opened daily with prayer and Psalms, because the Founders believed God was freedom, the creator, divine, and wanted this country founded upon HIM in order to be free as we were created to be. That is very conservative.


They also did not want foreign interference: very conservative. They were not against being friends with Europe; they were against following along with any European policy. That is conservative.


So conservatism is the true liberalism, stolen by progressives who hated our Founding and said the Constitution was 100 years-old and out-dated.


Americans need to wake up to this and realize what modern-day liberals are, and have been doing, for a century: progressing us toward Marx.


It was Wilhelm Reich, who, in the 1940's told Soviets, "If you want communism to take hold, you must first have a sexual revolution." In the 1950's, the beatniks got a hold of Reich's books and read them and thus began the American sexual revolution that has infiltrated communism into our culture, churches, schools, media, etc.


The beatniks listened to Reich. They were also obsessed with Freud and Fromm, and Sartre. These men were sexaholics, obsesses with every kind of sex they believed all secretly desire, and their brainwashing got into the minds of the pot-smoking 50's beatniks who passed it onto the 60's. And we can thank Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinman, two anti-gender women who told women to have sex with anyone of any gender and do it like a man. We lost a generation to the Friedan Nazi's and Steinman Storm Troopers--Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi: Three gym obnoxious teachers who hate America and love Mao, Castro, Chavez, Guevara, Stalin, and kiss the behinds of Palestinians blowing up Jews.


To take back America, we simply need to educate people and tell them to read the Founder's writings and compare and think. The answers are all there. Just think for yourself and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


The real revolution is in free-thinking as our Founders did.


Lisa Richards


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An interesting article and I thank you for writing it.
Dave Gant suggested that I watch this video, which distills forms of government into two types: oligarchy and republic. The Founding Fathers created a republic; modern liberals are trying to create an oligarchy.
Related to that is Bastiat's principle, espoused in his book Law, that before establishing a system of government one needs to decide on the economic system. The two economic systems that will underpin the two political systems are a managed economy (government control) and a free market.
Dave Gant, Jim Robinson, and I were musing that given this video and Bastiat's principle that Obama and the liberals would have to destroy our economic system in order to achieve their liberal goal of replacing the republic with an oligarchy. This they must do in order to control the resources of the people, for how does one enslave a free person who doesn't depend upon the government for their livelihood?
With these two formulations the argument becomes quite clear: the vision of the Framers that America would be a republic with a free market economy or the current liberal (or progressive if you like) vision of America as an oligarchy with the government shuffling the resources around as a matter of fairness.
At this point I've arrived where you did. We MUST reintroduce America to its Founders. Only then will we thwart the statist plans of the Obama Administration.





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