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At 4:59pm on September 7, 2009, John Wayne Sitterley said…
Mr. Wingfield;
At 8:09pm on September 5, 2009, John Wayne Sitterley said…
David Wingfield;
I do enjoy your questions for further critical thinking.
Though Dionysus and the Epicurean lifestyle my have had an influence upon the fall of Greece and Rome, I think what plays more into their demise was the lack of keeping a viable economic system working, and the population got tired of guarding the gate.
Rome itself prolonged the inevitable by 200 years by being able to keep trade with the Persians and Gaul (France). Thereby Rome fell at about the same time (410ad) that the Church under Pope Gregory, and Charlemagne, (descendant of Charles (the hammer) Martel) of France picked up the torch of knowledge keep in the Monasteries, to eventually be re-borne at the time of the Renaissance for the first Neo-Classic era, and again at the time of the American Revolution aided by the Free Masons.
The correlation with today is that though illegal drugs play a major and important part in the hedonism of Dionysus, our theory and practice of “Keynesian Economics” instead of “Austrian Economics” lead by the renown economist Ludwig Von Mises “Human Action” which is the basis of “Reganomics” of less government, less regulation and free-market principles, is probably the only path I can see for our immediate survival.
IF we keep borrowing money from China, they well own us, and they well do so by “Calling-In Their Note” earlier than what we had planned. Our women would become slaves or worse
Plus we have political elements of the far left, like the ACLU, that want to degrade the defenders of the gate with interrogation lawsuits and Miranda rights. Our enemy is already inside the gates, and they have law degrees. Go after THEM.
Concerning the Movements of Change and the New American, the change must come from within. Even Sun Tzu would say; “It is easier to make an angry man happy, than to have his decedents seek revenge”.
Keeping in fashion with the West, Von Clausewitz states that: “War is but Policy by other means”. Now…if you employ pure logic…you have; “Policy is but War by Other Means”. And there you have it. It’s in the POLICY.
We already have the “Major Policy”…The Constitution, and its 28 principles of natural law.
Whether we replace a new boss that’s just as bad as the old boss I don’t know, but it would be a matter of virtue and morality for not only the leader, but also his supporters.
Linear thinking would be paramount Abstract thinking will be left to the sub-culture/counter-cultures, but we already have a MAIN CULTURE, and it will not be replaced. The “New American” already has the knowledge, it Duty, Honor Glory, Respect, Trust, Bravery and Faith. All these are in the Constitution and must me taught in the schools at the earliest years which will provide a working knowledge of Civics and Western Civilization. That above all else.
Thx John
At 4:08pm on August 7, 2009, Gilia R said…
Got it! Look for the next edition next week :-)
At 8:53pm on August 6, 2009, Gilia R said…
David - thanks for your kind words! I am still posting but in many different sites. I seem to spend most of my time here and on Twitter. I also write a weekly email blast called the "Hump Day Report." Send me your email if you'd like to receive it.
At 7:50pm on August 6, 2009, Jeannie McNeely said…
welcome, wonre what Obama rating or now,he will probley turn up the heat
At 7:06pm on May 28, 2009, Gilia R said…
Aloha, David! Great to be friends with you. And thanks for the compliment on my "logic" ;-)
At 11:53pm on May 21, 2009, Jessica Rehg Susnar said…
SORRY!! I should have said "brother" LOL!!! overworked & over tired!
At 10:58pm on May 20, 2009, Jessica Rehg Susnar said…
Amen sister! As James Madison pointed out, people will never be cornered into surrendering their rights, however, through complacency and comfort, they (we) will let them go one at a time before they realize it is too late.

I love to point out that befor Casto took over, he made fire arms illegal, and before Hitler moved the Jews into the ghetto he took away their fire arms, and later, he even took away their butcher and cooking knives...

Well, I am clearly preaching to the choir :-). It is so nice to be able to interact with others of like mind! :-)
At 9:43am on May 20, 2009, Earl B said…
Welcome David

Thank you for joining The Conservative Underground - TCUnation.

I would personally like to thank you for joining one of the most important movements in our country's history. The liberty of our children and future generations is literally in our hands.

If you are like me you are very concerned about the direction our country is headed. But I also believe we live in a country where people can take charge of their own destiny. This is why I started TCUnation. Please take a moment to read the article and watch the video below on why I started TCUnation.

Why I started TCU

I hope after watching video and reading article you will be inspired to recruit 5 or more friends to join TCUnation. If we unite together we can send a strong message to those running our country. We must also inform and educate those who do not understand the foundations on which our country was built. TCUnation is for everyone.

Encouraging your friends, family and co-workers to join and become involved is one of the single most important things you can do. TCU has many features to help you invite your friends including gmail and hotmail. Just click on the Invite button on the top of the page or Click Here. You can also use other social networks like facebook and MySpace to help recruit members.

Our members are very active in the conservative movement. Not only have they helped this site grow to over 8,000 patriots in just 3 months, they also participate in tea parties, host radio shows and some are even running for office!

TCUnation is meant to be an active network. That means I hope you will be an active member. It is also a way to connect with other conservatives. Members post blog articles, forum post, join groups, and even upload pictures. From time to time TCU also has contest and highlights special events such as tea parties. TCU also aims to maintain a positive atmosphere for the conservative movement.

How to get Started
Step 1 - Join your State group
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Step 2 - Edit your Profile
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Step 4 - Participate
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I hope you find this site useful, educational and a way for you to participate in this important movement. At anytime feel free to contact me, Earl B, with your ideas or just to say "Hello!". I look forward to seeing you on TCUnation.

Remember last line in my article - "We The People"

You are a Great American Patriot!
thank you

Earl B
TCUnation founder
At 1:03am on May 20, 2009, Jessica Rehg Susnar said…
Welcome! Lovely photo... I remember how beautiful Lynchburg is... This is a good group! Spread the word! :-)




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