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Eichenbaum first Republican Congressional Candidate to Top $100k

Asheville, NC - The Dr Dan 4 Congress campaign announced today that it has raised more than $119,000. As such, Dr. Eichenbaum has continued to outpace his primary opponents by being the first to reach the six figure milestone and to receive contributions from donors in each of NC-11's fifteen counties.

“The amazing citizens of Western North Carolina are investing in our campaign because they realize that Heath Shuler and his politician friends in Washington don’t listen.…


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Palin and Brown give boost to Sen. McCain re-election

No matter how the Far Left batters Sarah Palin, it appears the only ones they convince are themselves. After Sen. John McCain announced that Gov. Palin would campaign for him in Arizona, he increased his lead over former Congressman J.D. Hayworth by a 53% to 31% margin. In November, a Rasmussen Report showed that the two candidates were virtually in a tie.…


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NEWS FLASH: Che Guevara was not some kind of 'cool freedom fighter'.

Che Guevara, or at least his image, is enjoying a posthumous cult following, similar to that of '50s actor and racer James Dean.

Posters and t-shirts bearing his likeness are considered by many as a sign of semi-obscure coolness, in stark contrast to the reign of terror he inflicted on thousands of Cuban citizens. He was Fidel Castro's PRIMARY EXECUTIONER during the communist takeover of Cuba. Still, many well-meaning but misguided fans idolize him without bothering to… Continue

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My Letter to Republican Senators Voting Yes on the Budget

Why or why are you voting yes on the budget or ANY spending for that matter?

Are you NOT listening to thousands and thousands of proud American's who are sick and tired of these huge spending packages getting shoved down our throats at a break-neck speed.

Obama is doing exactly what he planned - scare the heck out of us - scare the heck out of you - pressure you - and then before anyone catches on, push through huge government spending bills before we fully realize what is… Continue

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“New Media” Must Become “Media”

“New Media” Must Become “Media”

Mar 2nd, 2009 by Aaron Marks

Let’s take a glimpse at the evolution of the role of technology and so-called “new media” in politics. In the early years, there were “Web” departments — for example, my colleague Patrick Ruffini served as the “webmaster” for Bush-Cheney ‘04. The new jargon for this role has become “new media,” which typically serves as an umbrella for… Continue

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Official first day for 2010 Conservative Candidates Group

Today is officially the first day of operation for the 2010 Conservative Candidates Group.

Introduce yourself, invite your compatriots, and help us kick it off! Feel free to post away, and nudge it in the direction you want to see it go.

Also, we're collecting contact info for all campaigns and activists. You can drop it off… Continue

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The United States of America….where did it go?

Feb 9th, 2009 by dwood.

Gather around, my conservative brothers and sisters, and lets discuss a few things we haven’t for far too long. You liberals and democrats can leave us alone, please, as this doesn’t really concern you. Go watch Oprah, read Reich, or listen to Lil Jeezy for a while, and give us a few minutes of privacy. We appreciate it.

Alright, now that its just us, lets get started:

Remember the 80’s? Ronald Reagan; Trickle-down; an energetic, young… Continue

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Sarah Palin to Travel America

coast to coast now that she has has formed a Political Action Committee Sarah Palin will be appearing before community groups across the United States.

You will remember that the corporate media kept saying that Sarah Palin "Did not have enough experience to be Vice President of the United States." Considering that that she has been Governor of Alaska you would think that this would indicate a certain amount of political smarts and ability as she had managed… Continue

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