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U.S. Attorney nominee refuses to tell all

Here we go again.

In a process to make sure that people aren’t put in a position of conflict of interest, U.S. Attorney’s are required to put their client names on the application form.

This is to keep former clients cases from being affected one way or another by a former lawyer in their employ.

Once again, it doesn’t count for Barack’s friends though.

Paul J. Fishman, nominated to serve as the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, is citing the privacy… Continue

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Boss Obama Driving Americans Onto The Government Plantation

As Americans whisper about their government these days (because they fear it. The government, I mean.). We ordinary Americans have noticed a phenomenon that seems to have escaped the notice of the liberal/socialists in that government, including the President. The black community in America has just migrated back onto a plantation. This time it is Uncle Sam’s Plantation! And the “Boss,” up in the “Big House,” is a black man! How Ironic is that?! Not content to return his own people to… Continue

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What's good for the goose....

President Obama will reportedly be appointing a "Pay Czar" shortly to oversee the compensation of executives and employees of any companies receiving stimulus money. Oh really? Never mind that it is pure nationalization and control of these companies by the government, which is at least socialism and at worst Marxism. My question is what about GOVERNMENT? Will this new Pay Czar be overseeing the pay of government entities that receive stimulus funds? That would include any STATE or CITY… Continue

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The US is Committing National Suicide

Government control of the auto industry is now merely a prelude to its eventual end. Jobs will disappear forever. “Green jobs” are a myth. The economy will suffer a grievous loss. And, if you draw the lessons from the British experiment, you can accurately predict the future of our auto industry.

Only if control of Congress by the Democrats is ended can measures be taken that will permit the nation to turn away from the destruction being inflicted upon it. Vote in October… Continue

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Do YOU Want Socialist and Secularist Transformation?

Without Googling the direct quote, can you name the person that spoke of Americans not dominated by Leftist ideology and altruism as Americans embracing their guns and religion?

That person spoke of those voters as if they are irrelevant to American society and American growth as a nation.

That person insinuated…

Added by John on May 12, 2009 at 12:59pm — 3 Comments

Israel in the Crosshairs

There are few nations on Earth other than Israel with a greater claim to exist as a homeland for a specific people. Along with China and India, Israel reaches back thousands of years, predating both Christianity and Islam.

For some 3,500 years, Jews have lived in Israel. In good times and bad, Jews have always identified themselves with Israel even when, as a Diaspora, they spread for their survival to many other nations. The re-establishment of Israel on May 14, 1948 led to two… Continue

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Poll Results - Is the US headed toward Socialism

TCU Poll Results
April 25-May3,2009

Is the US headed toward Socialism?

Added by Earl B on May 3, 2009 at 10:00pm — 9 Comments

Fifty Year Old Cartoon Predicts Obamunism

See it here, since I can't figure out if I can embed a youtube video here.

Added by Cao on May 2, 2009 at 3:18pm — 2 Comments

From a Newt Ginrich write-up

At home, in everything from his economic policy to his energy policy to his just-announced science policy, tragically, President Obama has successfully moved the country from a traditional American model of entrepreneurship and private initiative to a European model of regulation and government control.

Abroad, he has succeeded in his apparent goal to be the un-George W. Bush; replacing aggressive, if sometimes flawed, American leadership with a humbled, weakened America on the world… Continue

Added by John Pierre-Benoist on April 29, 2009 at 9:30am — No Comments

Tax Day Tea Parties – What was THAT?

The Left-Loving media first sought to marginalize the Tea Party movement, calling the participants “Fringe Elements”. Then they sought to mischaracterize them as Partisan Tools of the GOP. Some went so far as to compare them to Nazis. And in the final days preceding the event – a report from Homeland Security was released, intended to instill fear that attending such a protest put one at risk of being “watched” as a potential “Domestic Terrorist”!…


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Obama's recipe for change not my cup of tea

This author is so proud of his fellow countrymen today! At this rate, 2010 is going to make 1994 look like a minor electoral blip. As I was watching O'Reilly tonight he referred to sexual slander words being used on NBC to ridicule the tea parties - he wouldn't name the phrase. Well, I looked it up, and so did the author of this piece.

Watch out Osama, Pelosi and Reid.… Continue

Added by Navitor69 on April 15, 2009 at 9:13pm — 3 Comments

17 Too Many


Bachus Says There are 17 Socialists in the House

Touring his Birmingham-area district today, U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus started the day in Trussville, where he treated a breakfast of municipal and county leaders to his thoughts on… Continue

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Grass Roots Accountability


For the last 60 years our society has been eaten away at by a lack of accountability in schools and civil governments. The liberal theme of fairness has been used to bastardize and dumb down our society. Using the power, prestige built from the sacrifices and accomplishments of the past liberals have diligently established schools and governments, which protect the inept from accountability and empower the dishonest, run our governments. These people work to destroy the ideals of the… Continue

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American Democracy Is Being Replaced By Socialism

American citizens need, desperately, to listen and observe what is going on today in Washington, DC. Bailouts, nationalization of businesses, and US government take-overs of banks, and other financial institutions are the opening gambits of a socialist regime currently in power in our nation’s capital. We need to listen closely to what the Congress and the President are saying and doing and promising us.

SOME of us warned this would happen. We were sneered at, and made fun of, and,… Continue

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U.N. pushing for global socialism

Using the "climate change" issue as a springboard, the United Nations is hoping for a global economic overhaul, with them at the steering wheel overseeing everything. It's important for Americans to express their outrage with respect to this issue. We have to put pressure on Obama or he will hand over our country to foreign bureaucrats without even a second thought.

View the report here.

Video… Continue

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Operation F.R.A.C. America

We the F.R.A.C.'n People of the United States of America, in order to restore a more perfect union, come together this day to declare our solidarity and sovereignty as a free people and nation, under the rule and authority of Almighty God, divisible if we allow it to be, with liberty for none if we choose to remain apathetic or huddle alone in fear.

It is time to take action in unison and in mass! There are many in our nation who are frustrated with our bloated and corrupt… Continue

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If you do not take action on this-YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN--EVER AGAIN

It is extremely important to take action on HB 1388!

AND it needs to be done today or tomorrow.

If you don't-then don't complain anymore about your 1st and 2nd amendment rights.

I am constantly reading about people that say "I give up", I'm tired" "I don't have time" etc.

That is a totally lame excuse for losing your freedom!!!

We should all be on our way to Washington DC tomorrow to protest this bill...


Not only… Continue

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Deadly Canadian Health Care

Reports the News & Observer

Questions are arising over whether a medical helicopter might have been able to save actress Natasha Richardson.

The province of Quebec lacks a medical helicopter system, common in the United States and other parts of Canada, to airlift stricken patients to major trauma centers. Montreal’s top head trauma doctor said Friday that may have played a role in Richardson’s death.

Richardson, 45, died Wednesday at Lenox Hill Hospital in… Continue

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Orlando 'Tea Party' rally draws more than 4,000-You won't hear about that through your Main Stream Media!

Orlando 'Tea Party' rally draws more than 4,000

By Helen Eckinger | Sentinel Staff Writer

March 22, 2009

Valerie Rike, 52, (left) with sister Christy Bishop, 59, attend the 'Orlando Tea Party,' a conservative rally Saturday at Lake Eola, downtown Orlando. (Helen Eckinger, Orlando Sentinel / March 21, 2009)

Singer Lloyd Marcus told the crowd assembled in Lake Eola Park on Saturday that he was going to give them his take on the first days of the Obama… Continue

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What Caused the Current Financial Mess?

What led to the current financial mess? From the Community Reinvestment Act to the irresponsible lending of the government sponsored lenders, Fannie and Freedie, our financial breakdown has been a long time in the making. From the pressure by congressmen like Frank, Dodd and others, financial entities backed by Fannie and Freddie made loans that no responsible lender would make. This type of practice dramatically increased the number of new home buyers, a significant number of which (less than… Continue

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