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Don't blame Portman

Haven’t received a commentary from me in sometime. Well here’s one.

Before you know it the next batch of elections will be here and everyone will be scrambling and yelping the sky is falling. I hope before then the voters will get things right because they are as much or more so to blame then our politicians. We put them in.

Take for instance Senator Portman. You really can’t blame him for coming out in favor of same sex marriage. The timing was right. If a large percentage of…


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political humor - june 2013

Hey Gang,

Some jokes and humor for you. I know you missed me badly. OK that was joke number one.

Scientist are working on mixing human DNA with rats to study diseases. This isn’t the first time rats and humans mixed, that’s how we got Congress.

Hey who's keeping score? I'm trying to figure out who has more scandals brewing Cleveland sports teams or the White House?

For those who don't live around the NE Ohio area you may not know all that is happening. Browns…


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Carey's upcoming decision and the Republican Party


I suppose some of you had to question why no emails from me with all that has happened recently. Well let me tell you it's hard not to weigh in. It has been a writer and news reporter dream with all that has transpired.

I laid low because I wanted to spend time on writing a book that I've started and I've been doing a lot of reflecting. The reflecting is in regards to my political involvement and party affiliation.

What triggered the reflecting? As I combed…


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urban farms and euclid


Euclid has gone to the birds or has it?

I received news about Euclid wanting to allow Urban Farms. Is this a part of Agenda 21 or is it a good idea? I know one thing - any law that allows more flexibility for the home owner and a ease of zoning laws seems to me a good idea.

Read what was sent to me then read my comments below.

Subject: Fw: Urban Farming Initiative in Euclid

This came to us very recently. Please read it send a messhge to council to oppose…


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Silly America

Some old some new and before you ask YES I wrote these. And remember it is political humor. So after laughing or getting mad at me which ever comes first think of the point behind them. That is if there is one.


Because of the sequester the airshow is canceled. Cleveland may not be seeing planes and jets fly over the city but just wait fairies will be seen flying over as the Gay Games are still scheduled.

Did you notice every interview the…


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platform or candidate

It's all about get out the vote. Its sad but true its all about vote getting. It doesn't matter what ideology or past voting record the candidate may have its all about getting people to go out and vote. It doesn't matter how its done, fear, manipulation, lies as long as you get people to vote for your man or cause. Get out the vote. Its like fast food. Its no longer about selling a good product its about sales and selling the brand name. Both major parties do it.

That’s why I don't…


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Easter message 2013

Today with the constant attack on Christians and Christian beliefs worldwide we are worried Christianity is being phased out. Why? This is nothing new. Lets look back at the crucifixion to understand today's anti-Christianity movement.

When Jesus was crucified was it because he was evil? Was it because he was a thief, murderer? Nope, it was for none of those reasons. In fact Jesus was blameless without fault. So why did they crucify him? They crucified Jesus because he had the truth…


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car talk n more

Car Talk

I went to the Cleveland Auto show and once again was disappointed by the American showing. Fewer and fewer models while the foreign cars are having bigger displays and more options of cars. Ford did have the best and seemed to offer the most of the domestic autos.

America now has one minivan, the Dodge. That's it. What is the small business suppose to do, a full size van is to large for a lot of companies. So we may be forced to buy a foreign…


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Drones, one more look at Cruz, Rino Portman and more


Obama is considering arming the Syrian rebels while he wants to disarm us. How many countries have we armed that turned on us?

Korean War part II? American troops are on stand by as North Korea makes threats.

Confusion as in the time of Babel

In the story of the tower of Babel the people were unified in building a tower to the heavens. The people were placing themselves…


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They're still trying to figure it out

MONTHS have passed since the 2012 election and people are still trying to explain why Republicans lost. In fact top Republican leaders are meeting to - DUH - figure out why they lost. Do they really need to figure this out?

What did U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz say about this while at the Cuyahoga Lincoln Day Dinner...

"You want to know what happened last election cycle? We didn't win the argument for the American people. The Democrats' story is the…


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jackson jr.

My good friend Harry sent me this response a few weeks ago in answer to something I sent him. His words are so appropriate for today with what is going on with Jackson Jr..

My dear friend, federal territory of Columbia was set on fire

by JULIUS CAESAR, Emperor of Rome, what you see is the very same

lavish "positive-bytes" spoken, to distract you from

looking at their misbehavior, financial lavish spending, for benefits,



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Obama and the Transatlantic Agreement


I only watched bits and pieces of the State of the Union Address.  Quite frankly I just can't stomach watching these staged and overly prepped events any longer.  So I turned it on and off and saw just enough to make me upset, angry and worried. 

I will only touch base on one thing in this email, Obama mentioning the Transatlantic Agreement.  This was first initiated…

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A gun lesson for you.

A gun lesson for you.

***The Soviet army crossed the frontier to join us (Poles) in the struggle against the Germans....... We cannot wait for orders from the Polish High Command..... We must unite with the Soviet Forces. Commander Plaskow demands that we join his detachment immediately, after surrendering our arms. They will be returned to us later......I inform all officers within hearing of these facts and order all non-commissioned officers and soldiers to…


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a few chuckles and one quote


I heard that America is actually 88 TRILLION in debt, 88 TRILLION! Now it makes sense why they want to mint a trillion dollar coin. It will be used in vending machines.

Fiat and Chrysler may make the fabled Jeep in China. With the expected move a name change will also take place. Jeep will soon be called Cheep.…


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some sports humor for you

Not many heard about this but NY City had trouble with the ball drop so the Times Square Committee next year will hire the Cleveland Browns who've never had problems dropping the ball.


Browns fans should be a little worried about their new coach Chudzinski. Immediately after signing Chudzinski said he felt his days with the Browns were numbered so he will accept early retirement.

They asked Chudzinski what…


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Sandy Hook, Kasich, Minimum Wage and a Happy Deviant New Year


I took a short break around the holidays but do not think I pirated these subjects off the net because I am late in posting this. My close friends can attest to these as things I have either said to them in conversations or in short emails I sent out in early to mid December.

Guns or No Guns

Sometimes names can be…


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Closing the Book

Before closing the book on Romney lets take one last look at how he grabbed the GOP nomination and take a peak at Charles Crist of Florida who is making the news again and hopefully the book will be closed on him also.


Let's jump into it.

While governor, Mitt Romney was appointed chairman of the Republican Governors Association because of his excellent fund raising abilities. As chairman he pushed more money to Iowa, Michigan, and Florida's governors…


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Carey's Christmas Commentary

Hey Gang,

Season's Greetings and an early Merry Christmas to you.


  Christmas for the longest time has been about selling but the difference with years ago they would hide the products or wrap the products around Christmas.  Now it doesn't really matter.  It's sales and buy buy buy.  Black Friday now Black Thursday right on top of Thanksgiving.  No shame in doing this either.  Soon there has to be a backlash where people say enough and the whole Christmas season will come…


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why the Republicans lost

  Some are still questioning why and how did Romney lose? I understand their frustration because how could anyone lose to Obama one of the most if not thee most divisive and controversial of all the presidents who is taking away our rights daily. Sure some are correct when they point out that the Republicans need to woo African American and Latino's. They are also correct saying we need to attract younger voters. But lack of support from these groups is only part of the reason why the…


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Corruption American Style

Corruption American Style                                                                                                      When I went to the Philippines I was greeted in more than one place like this... OH you an American, America much wealth here so much corruption. And I thought to myself in more than one place - If they only knew that I live next to Cuyahoga County one of the most corrupt counties in America.

Word on the…


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