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Obama presidency or a monarch mandating im­­migration law

Although Obama has not yet openingly declared himself absolute ruler of the United States of Americahis actions since being elected president indicate that is how he sees himself. What exactly is he aiming at when he says “I have a pen and a phone?” Rep, Louie Gohmert, R-Texas believes Obama is already trying to act like a monarch rather than a president.

According to speeches made by Obama and his wife Michele their intention is…


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California university professors unite with convicted terrorists

Taxpayers money was recently used by a delegation of California academics and one labor activist to pay for a unity meeting with convicted terrorists.

The trip was billed as a “political solidarity tour” and is protested by some organizations because of the use of taxpayer money under the false pretense of research even though some key details about the trip were…


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Pelosi caught off-guard by libertarian teenager

At a time when many reporters shrink from asking hard questions of politicians, a 16-year-old junior high school student left Pelosi stammering and stuttering with half finished remarks.

Andrew Demeter won first prize at CPAN’s 2014 Student Cam competition and during the winner’s events that he took the opportunity during a question-asking distance from Pelosi.

Read more…


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Christmas celebrations coming back to some American schools

­ Parents and students are fighting back against the war on Christmas and there is evidence that in some states they are winning the battle. Help has come from recently passed legislation that allows celebrations of the holidays in school rooms once again.

Lawmakers are taking action that allows…


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Charter school success ignored and stymied by U.S. Senators

There is growing evidence that charter schools are empowering parents, pioneering fresh teaching methods, encouraging state and local innovation and help students escape underperforming schools.

During a “Raising the Bar” hearing at the U.S. House Committee on Education and Workforce Chairman Rep. John Kline (R-MN)…


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Neighborhood crime reported daily on free Internet site

Americans wondering if assaults, breaking and entering and robberies are happening in their neighborhood do not have to wait for the local news sources to keep them up to date. Real time information is available at no cost to them with a map showing exact locations of where and what crimes have taken place.

The information is available at no charge to the public as it proactively tracks and publishes crime data on an interactive map.…


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Obama deciding on which news sources allowed for Americans

If you like your radio talk show don’t be surprised if you can’t keep it.

Obama’s Federal Communication Commission wants to place monitors in news rooms to decide which stories are selected, station priorities, content production, population served, perceived station bias and perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the “critical information” needs of a community.

That is perceived as a way to intimidate certain news organization into covering only issues that the…


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Annie Get Your Gun a symbol for America’s armed women

While some American women have fallen victim to the idea that the government will take care of them from the cradle to the grave there are others who have learned how to use firearms to protect themselves and their families.

Annie Get Your Gun was a musical produced by Rogers and Hammerstein with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin based on the life of Annie Oakley who was a…


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Faith-based alternative to Girl Scouts focuses on character building

A little girl selling Girl Scout cookies was once a symbol of an organization trusted by parents. That became tarnished as the focus changed and now provides an environment that is said to be in conflict with the morality it once promoted.

One alternative for parents that once looked to the Girl Scouts for their daughters is American Heritage Girls (AHG) a faith-based and…


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Parents revolt against public schools leave buildings empty

As those in power continue to hang onto the 19th century model of education or accept Common Core indoctrination for their students, parents are moving toward becoming the “deciders” as they chose charter and private schools, homeschooling, and online programs, it is leaving thousands of empty school buildings all across America.

According to a recent study among the cities with vacant school buildings…


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Gimme Shelter movie inspires with real life story of survival

Gimme Shelter has been described by reviewers as a movie that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. However it is more than just than the story of a young woman’s dehumanizing experiences. It provides insight into a journey that began with hopelessness and desperation and because of the caring and support of others who guided her choice of a better life.

Unlike most…


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Sexual revolution leaving American women plagued by anxiety disorders

In spite of their advances in education and the workforce anxiety disorders are replacing happiness for American women. Sexual liberation was supposed to bring equality for females that expected fulfillment with the freedom to pursue lust without expecting committed relationships.

Instead of bringing happiness women are 60% more likely than…


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Hope and Change becoming Hopeless and Chagrin for young adults

If any proof was needed that young adults who supported Obama are disappointed the recently reported Young Misery Index suggests they are experiencing the reality of being heavily in debt with student loans and having few economic opportunities.

The utopia they bought into is rewarding them with the inability to find full-time jobs and in many cases having to move back home and live…


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Teens and doctors avoid talking about sexual activity

At a time when sexually transmitted diseases are infecting millions of teenagers it has been reported that doctors don’t bother asking them about their sex life. If a doctor does not bring it up during a physical examination neither does the teenager.

Although this could be a way for teenagers to become informed about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and teen pregnancy if the patient doesn’t ask most doctors don’t offer the information.



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American values being taught at camp for kids

Elementary and middle school students had an opportunity to have fun while at the same time learning about the Founding Fathers and the importance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights at a Freedom Camp held in December 2013.

The idea for the Freedom Camp came from a former middle school math teacher when she learned that the schools are not teaching students about America’s national heritage and that “patriotism” has become a dirty word for too many educators.



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American men taking back their masculinity?

American feminists may be in for a surprise. A growing number of manly men in the country are taking back the masculinity that Betty Friedan and her ilk took from them during the beginning of the feminist movement in America.

As the author of the Feminine Mystique in 1964 Friedan convinced American women that if men did not have a “feminine side” it meant they wanted…


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Sexual revolution leaving diseased minds and bodies in its wake

There was a time in America when a physician had just two or three young adult patients with sexually transmitted diseases. In 2013 that number has become two or three dozen and is increasing as “hooking up” turns out to be a deadly sexual game.

The participants in the sexual revolution may be…


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Obama unleashes health care disaster on Americans

If ObamaCare was described in terms used for weather disasters it would be defined as a tornado that would tear down the best health care in the world and flatten the very survival of Americans.

Every day there is more news about doctors closing down their practices, hospitals closing and insurance rates doubling and tripling in cost.



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Obama worst enemies are small business creators

Remember when Obama told Americans “You didn’t build that”?

According to a current trend, each month 543,000 small businesses are being created across the U.S. and proving that his words were just one more lie told while he was trying to sell government dependency to American voters.

Read more…


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Ted Cruz supporters say Republican RINOS are kaput

John McCain and John Boehner should be looking over their shoulders because the end of their long- held power may be coming to an end. Their pretense of being Conservative is being challenged by activists who don’t want a third party but instead are working toward taking over control of the Republican Party.

Followers of Senator…


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