Obama Involved in Massive Vote Fraud in 2008

John R. Houk

© April 29, 2012


This one is a few days old so you probably have already heard about. The info was at the top of the list of my Western Center for Journalism email: Barack Obama was caught cheating with votes in 2008 and “Russian money” was a part of Obama’s campaign financing in 2008.


It is beyond me for any reason this is not big news even for the MSM. I do recall this mentioned in passing on a FOX News channel show of which I can’t recall at this moment.


The story says that STRATFOR VP Fred Burton let then candidate for VP know of ballot box stuffing in the States of Ohio and Pennsylvania. These are two large States in the Electoral College.


Pennsylvania Electoral Votes: 21


Obama: 3,192,316 - 54.7%

McCain: 2,586,496 – 44.3%


Ohio Electoral Votes: 20


Obama: 2,708,685 – 51.2%

McCain: 2,501,855 – 47.2%


Source: NYT


This would have given McCain 214 votes.


Obama would have been reduced to 324 votes.


McCain chose not to act on the information. My guess for the reason McCain did not act on the info is because Obama would still have won the election because 270 was the plateau for winning. If there was verified info the Ohio and Pennsylvania were stolen States, I believe that would have been a great pretext to examine vote tallies in other States. For example Florida was a close race and was worth 27 Electoral Votes.  Indiana was a close race in which Obama won by a mere .9% over McCain with the Electoral Votes being 11. Obama won North Carolina by a mere .04% and that was 15 Electoral Votes. Obama won Virginia by a mere 6% and those Electoral Votes were 13. If there were Obama/Dem Party shenanigans in some of these even closer elections than Ohio and Pennsylvania it would have raised McCain 280 Electoral Votes and reducing Obama to 258 Electoral Votes.


In this case McCain wins the Electoral College in 2008 280 to 258.


With that in mind examine the Western Center for Journalism story on a crooked Obama 2008 campaign victory.


JRH 4/29/12

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Comment by John on April 30, 2012 at 6:04pm

I feel your frustration Bob.

Comment by Bob S USNR on April 30, 2012 at 7:57am

I don't understand why, if a citizen is caught cheating, they are made an example of, prosecuted, ect ect.

A politician is caught cheating and his other elected buddies, and enemies, IGNORE IT???

Obviously the ALL the elected officials of the USA have NO MORAL COMPASS and should be in prison for these acts of treason!!

In my opinion ALL electeds that had ANY knowledge of ANY cheating in ANY election, and did not immediately make such crimes public, should be in PRISON!

OR if we are going to ignore everyone's cheating, then why even have any laws in the first place???

The electeds commit acts every day, with complete immunity, that a typical citizen would be put in prison for... why is that even possible???The answer is GREED. They have decided they are the elitists who can do no wrong and we are just here to be their ATM MACHINES!! By way of the irs.






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