I am a bit surprised to find this kind of post on the ChristianNewsWire. CNW has published an article that calls for a Christian Revolution to end the influence of Secularism Humanism in the U.S. Government.

The call for the governed to rise up and overthrow the virus of Secular Humanism heavily implanted in the U.S. Government is from Gregory Thompson founder of America ASLEEP kNOw More. Thompson has correctly identified the path that has allowed a Secular Humanistic agenda transform America.

The Despotic Federal Government in the United States has betrayed the people and is not legitimate, causing more grievous injury to the people today, than was caused by the tyrants in England that precipitated the separation and signing of the original Declaration of Independence. … … A return to Christian principles that are protected by a Constitution with the consent of the people is all that can save our country from total ruin, and Traitorous Tyrants are in place working to keep that from happening. A Communistic Secular Humanism has infiltrated the government, pulpits, education, courts, media, and Hollywood, and it puts our posterity at risk of slavery, death, and eternal damnation.

I basically agree with the tough language Thompson employs here. On the other hand a fighting revolution comparable to what America’s Founding Fathers went through is something Americans could not unite behind. I doubt that America’s Christians that strongly believe in Biblical Morality could even comprehend the thought of Revolution other than through the election process.

Frankly there is a difference between a secular nation abiding by Christian principles in its rule of law and a nation that forces the governed as a Christian nation. Face it Christianity in America is diverse and a Christian national government threatens Freedom of Religious thought and practice. This is not to mention the various religions that have a moral foundation that supports peace above violence or force a Christian moral pattern that may be diverse yet essentially identical to Christianity. I am thinking Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and many other “isms” other than Christianity. The one “ism” that is contrary to the others is Mohammedanism. Human Beings may have fought in the cause of their belief in Christianity and many of the other religious “isms,” but Mohammedanism’s whole deal is a monolithic take-over by first offering a peaceful conversion followed by force if peace does not work. Mohammedanism is systemically violent and violently intolerant of thought counter to Mohammedanism. This is in Mohammedanism’s so-called holy writings.

Christian Holy Writings and many other religious “isms” rely on the conversion of the conscience to accept the Creator or the other “isms.” (I say other “isms” for I understand that Buddhism or some practitioners of Buddhism do not believe in a personal God/Creator.)

The best revolution for America to get back on track with a moral balance is what many Conservatives fear: a Constitutional Convention. The fear is based on Leftists getting the upper hand at a Constitutional Convention forever abandoning Christian Foundations for Secular Humanism.

I sense a consensus can be built between the Left, the Right and Christians/isms that take the best of the three and abandoning the worst of three. Make no bones about, all three have a bad perception that will infringe on other individuals’ rights.

If no consensus can be found look to a civil war with the winners transforming government to whims as the rule of law while maintaining the illusion of a Federal Republic. The historical parallel may be the Roman Republic transforming into the Roman Empire.

JRH 3/3/09

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Comment by Citizen Saul on March 6, 2009 at 11:16am
President's Eligibility is NOT up to the voters ... also the US Constitution is NOT a living document. This is BS created by the liberal sick minds. Until such time that Obama proves to us that he is a natural born US citizen he is not my President. He is a plant (puppet) by the CFRs. See website for further information ... www.StopNAUstopSPP.org
Comment by John on March 4, 2009 at 9:34am
Thanks for the visit and the comments.
Comment by Kelly Grant on March 3, 2009 at 11:59pm
This is the revolution we need, but it will need to spread to many more of us:

"The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. THE REVOLUTION WAS IN THE MINDS AND THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations ... THIS RADICAL CHANGE in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, WAS THE REAL AMERICAN REVOLUTION." - President John Adams




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