Bishop E.W. Jackson: Ministers Taking A Stand against Anti-Christian Leaders

Since President Barack Obama has openly supported gay marriage and continues to be an advocate of abortion on demand, many African American pastors have spoken up and said that they would no longer support a leader who refuses to take a stand for Christian values.  According to, on September 10, 2012 Bishop E.W. Jackson, chairman of Ministers Taking A Stand called on the black church community to leave the Democrat Party in a movement dubbed "EXODUS NOW!", in a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC.  

Bishop Jackson's call to "come out from among them" is apparently being heeded by many black Pastors and Christians across America and creating a stir in many churches. This comes on the heels of statements released by numerous other pastors in a groundswell of conservatism among African American pastors.  

In a recent opinion column at The Daily Caller, Yates Walker wrote about former NAACP chapter president Rev. C.L. Bryant, who calls himself a “runaway slave,” which he defines as “persons, historically or presently, courageous enough to say no to the master’s housing, his food, or his direction, courageous enough to find the blessings of liberty for themselves.”  Recently, Reverend Bryant helped whip up conservatives into a frenzy at the "Restoring Freedom" event hosted by FreedomWorks. He spoke of his grandfather during the speech and relayed something profound that

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his "gramps" told him while he was 'busy being black'.  "Son, I didn't go through all that I went through so that you could BE BLACK, I went through everything that I went through so that you could BE FREE." It is in this spirit of freedom and courage that other black Americans are flourishing and speaking out. According to Yates Walker September 5th column in The Daily Caller, C.L. Bryant isn't the only black patriot making noise. He noted that black conservatives such as Michael McNeely and K. Carl Smith have blossomed liberty and conservatism with fervor.  He quoted McNeely, who is chairman of the Georgia black Republicans when he posed the question, "For so long blacks have been counted as a 'sure thing' come election day for Democrats, but what have we gotten in return?

In addition to Bishop E. W. Jackson and Reverend C.L. Bryant, African American Pastors Patrick Wooden and William Owens, have both voiced displeasure in the moral positions that President Obama has taken in recent months.

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According to TheRightScoop.comvia the Washington Examiner, African American Pastor Patrick Wooden recorded a radio ad for the National Organization for Marriage that discouraged the North Carolina black community from voting to re-elect President Barack Obama because of the revelation of his stance on gay marriage.

Read the entire story by Joel Gehrke at The Washington Examiner. 

"The goal of our advertising campaign is to issue a wake-up call to the African American community in North Carolina that President Obama does not represent the values that they have fought hard to protect," said National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown. He also added, "We urge all North Carolinians to join Dr. Wooden in rejecting the anti-family policies of President Obama this November." This advertisement comes on the heels of a statement of non-support by the Coalition of African American Pastors under the leadership of Reverend William Owens.

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The courageous stand taken by Dr. Wooden, the National Organization for Marriage, Reverend Owens, and the Coalition of African-American Pastors is in direct opposition to the religious intolerance exhibited by the mayors of Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C. These men of God have elected to stand for God's righteousness rather than blindly voting on the basis of race. According to Peter Kirsanow at The National Review Online  "on the national level, Democrats typically get around 90 percent of the black vote, even when a black man isn’t running for president as a Democrat. Al Gore got 92 percent of the black vote in 2000; John Kerry got 88 percent in 2004", which like it or not, suggests an almost blind allegiance of the African-American community to the Democratic party even though according to Russ Paelli at, that "the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in both houses of Congress. In the House, 80 percent of the Republicans and 63 percent of the Democrats voted in favor. In the Senate, 82 percent of the Republicans and 69 percent of the Democrats voted for it." 

Of course an exodus from the Democratic Party might not necessarily translate into a vote for Republican President Mitt Romney.  His evolving position on abortion makes pro-life conservatives queazy.  In an August 27 article by Scott Pelley reporting his interview of Mr Romney on the CBS Evening News, Pelley quotes Mr. Romney as saying, ""My position has been clear throughout this campaign," Romney said. "I'm in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother."  Although many conservatives might even consider that position a reasonable one, there are more concerns than just that position. For example, Mitt Romney was responsible for the designing the current healthcare system in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts popularly labeled as "RomneyCare" which is terribly similar to ObamaCare but even worse for it openly funds all abortions, on demand.  According to, as Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney  put Planned Parenthood on the so-called "independent" board he created that offers $50 co-pay abortions.  Also, according to Will, as recently as December of 2011 Romney has publicly used pro-choice language. 

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Romney told Bill O’Reilly: “I thought, ‘Well, I can say and can understand the idea of leaving the law the way it is. The Supreme Court has made its decision. I'm just going to say I will support the law and preserve the law as it exists.’" That is a statement that is hardly comfort for pro-life advocates seeking a presidential candidate with a steadfast and grounded position in protecting the unborn.  Mitt Romney's actions regarding the homosexual agenda is equally troubling.  Romney has some powerful fundraising muscle from supporters of gay rights. According to Gloria Goodale at The Christian Science Monitor, One of Romney's largest bundlers is billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer, who helped him raise $5 million at one event in May. Mr. Singer has also given $10 million to gay-rights advocacy and pledged $1 million to launch a political-action committee called American Unity to encourage GOP candidates to support same-sex marriage.  With positions and actions like this, Christian conservatives can hardly be encouraged by the Republican nomination of Mitt Romney for President of the United States of America.

Perhaps the moment has come to bust up the two party system in favor of a third party for Christian Conservatives who will follow the true agenda of the Lamb at the voting booth as Reverend Samuel Rodriguez spoke of at "Under God Indivisible" in Dallas on July 27th, 2012.

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Americans need an alternative to the two choices of "Heathen" and "Heathen Lite" for President of the United States. The only person running for the position who truly believes in family Christian values is Tom Hoefling.  He is the candidate for America's party and the American Independent party and states at his website that "the God-given institution of one man-one woman marriage and the natural family must be protected." Regarding abortion, Mr. Hoefling stated on April 7, 2011, "The Constitution's ultimate stated purpose is 'to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.' The founders put the rights of Posterity on an equal plane with their own rights, and with your rights. Abortion is fundamentally unconstitutional.

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Mr. Hoefling  is the only candidate that supports Biblical principles in regard to the sanctity of life and the protection of traditional Holy marriage ordained by Jehovah, our mighty God. His philosophy on life couldn't be more simple or more clearheaded than the following statement that he made on May 7, 2012:  "Political life, and life in general, becomes so much easier and more effective when you resolve to simply do the right thing no matter what, leaving the results to God. Can you imagine what a change would be wrought in America if every person who calls themselves a Christian, or a conservative, or a pro-lifer, would do this?"

If enough Americans buck the traditional way of thinking and buck the two party system on November 6th, the USA could once again return to morality, prosperity, and true freedom. The chains of tyranny are clinking all around us. Return to true freedom involves following the agenda of the Lamb. It's time America did so in the voting booth.

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