Changing The Image Of Immigration

We are all familiar with the photos of thousands of Illegal Immigrants marching in force down Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation's capitol waving the flags of their Central American homelands demanding the rights of American Citizens with signs written in Spanish.

The Illegals are now being directed in their propaganda efforts by a new organization "Reform Immigration For America dot org" that combines the Internet organizing techniques that the Obama Presidential campaign perfected with the fundraising potential of ads placed on news Websites.

Reform Immigration For America is being led by Ali Noorani, an Iranian who is trying to convince Americans that another "Amnesty" will be the solution to "Our 'broken immigration system.'" It is not the immigration system that is broken, but the immigration laws that are brazenly broken by the 20 million Illegal Immigrants working in our country.

The "Immigration Rights" Groups are using *azi Imagery To Discredit The Arizona "Support Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhoods Act"

The Immigration Reformistas are using U.S. flags To Re-Image themselves as Americans

The big corporations that prefer to use subcontractors to divert the risk of hiring Illegal Immigrants (so they don't have to pay Social Security or workman's compensation insurance, if they get hurt at work they are treated at the county hospitals) are now applying the same "Human Resource" principles to the few Americans they are hiring who are going to have, Click Link: A New On-The-Job-Experience

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