Our country is in danger.

This very country that our forefathers fought and bled and died so bravely for has come under attack.

It has come under attack by politicians that feel that they know what is better for us than we do.

They believe that by taking over our God-given freedoms, they will make life easier for us.

Well they are dead wrong.

Never before in history has there been a time such as these times where we must not be silent.

We must band together and let our voice heard and not allow ourselves to be silenced.

It is time that we take back our government, piece by peice if we have to.

At all costs we must stand up and tell those in Washington that we will NOT back down and that we MUST be heard!

It is time that we fight not only for our own rights but for the freedom of every American.

You can begin by getting the word out to those who love and to those you talk to on a daily basis. Inform them. Arm them with the truth!

You can begin by removing unwanted incumbents by electing common sense conservatives who believe in the same values that you do. Start

at the local level and work your way up.

Go to tea parties. Go to local political rallies.

Make your voice heard!

Conservatives it is NOT the time to be silent. It is time to let the country hear the loud roar of our reawakening.

Conservatives unite and fight against the tyranny of the ultra-liberal agenda that is destroying our country, piece by piece.

To quote Sir Winston Churchill...."We will NEVER surrender."

We WILL take our fight to the highest reaches of government if we have to. But make no mistake about it........


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