Far left extremist Jim McDermott blogs on "global warming" - tell him what YOU think!

Tell Jim McDermott what YOU think!

Jim McDermott, the far left extremist Democratic Party congressman from Seattle, now has a public blog on www.seattlepi.com. In today's post, he talks about the need for "agitation" on "climate change," "global warming," and "saving the planet."

How about joining the discussion and telling him what YOU think?

Jim McDermott's blog is available online at http://blog.seattlepi.com/jimmcdermott/archives/165006.asp

The following is an alternative, pro-liberty viewpoint, presented by conservative activist Steve Beren during his 2008 congressional campaign against McDermott:

Excerpts from Steve Beren statement on "climate change," October 10, 2008

...It is vital that there be open and vigorous debate on issues related to climate change. To the extent that the debates and deliberations of the scientific and academic community influence public opinion and inform policy makers, it is essential that there be free expression of opposing viewpoints, an open marketplace of ideas, the right to challenge assumptions, and a diversity of opinions.

The debate is not "over" and the debate is not "decided." There must be open, vigorous debate on climate change. Blocking open debate is a guarantee of incorrect information, misguided proposals, impractical recommendations, inaccurate research results, and counter-productive policy decisions.

Is climate change severe or mild? Is it cyclical or preventable? Is it harmful, benign, or even perhaps beneficial? Will proposed solutions have counter-productive effects or unintended results that damage public health, increase poverty, or reverse economic growth? Will increased government bureaucracy and higher taxes cool the planet? Are there unanticipated economic or other benefits that might derive from climate change? If so, how can we maximize those benefits?

We should not carelessly adopt policies that have severe negative impact on global competitiveness, energy independence, national security, and economic growth.

With regard to proposed cap-and-trade systems and/or a carbon tax, I believe such measures are counter-productive, harmful to economic growth, and lead away from the technological discoveries and solutions of the future. Such discoveries and solutions will develop out of the creativity and ingenuity of the American people, and in our free market economy the scientists who discover new technologies that improve fuel efficiency and/or reduce pollution will be amply rewarded for their successful innovation and research.

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