There is much evidence,  both real and symbolic, that President Barack Obama has Communist leanings. One simply has to delve into the past of the people that he has surrounded himself with in office. There also is much evidence that Barack Obama himself was surrounded by Communists in his life from his early childhood.  According to Billy Hallowell at Obama's grandfather, Stanley Dunham introduced Barack to known radical Communist Frank Marshall Davis during his high school years.  Paul Kengor, in his book The Communist, reveals many of Obama's Communist influences during the early years of the President's life.

The book even explores something that has become extremely relevant with the last couple of weeks.

In his article Supreme Court helps "Obama fulfill dreams from his communist mentor" at the online publication Perspectives,he writes,"It's eerie, chilling, but true. In his wildest dreams, Justice John Roberts couldn't imagine that he has fulfilled the ambitions not only of Barack Obama, but of Frank Marshall Davis and Communist Party USA."


As the long overdue vetting of Barack Obama increasingly uncovers his engulfment in radical Communist leanings from his childhood through today, the cries of modern day "McCarthyism" begin to ring from the anti-American left wing chatterboxes who refuse to acknowledge what was learned from the release of the Venona Papers in 1995, which is revealed in the book Reds by Ted A. Morgan.   William A. Rusher, Distinguished Fellow of the Claremont Institute said of the book, "It will enlighten almost everyone who reads it—both conservatives, who will be amazed to learn that Communist penetration of the American government was even greater than they realized, and liberals, who will find the book's disclosures positively hair-raising."

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