Left Wing Agendas Reign Supreme in America's So-Called Institutions of Learning

In a foreshadowing of the ultimate goal of liberal tyranny, Jericho Elementary School (Centereach, NY) principal Glen Rogers shut down the mock presidential election because, according to Rogers, "Teachers have said they’ve heard some kids in the cafeteria chanting ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ or saying they don’t want Muslims here.” 

In typical liberal, label-realists-as-xenophobes fashion, principal Rogers shut down the mock election rather than recognize that a reason exists for skepticism towards the growing overwhelming presence of Islamic influence in American society.  Aside from its denial of the Deity of Christ ( revolting, but admittedly permissible under the American Constitution), the religion of Islam embraces violence against all "infidels".  Referring to the worship of Allah and the teachings of its "prophet" Mohammed as a "religion of peace" is a ridiculous exercise in candy coating reality.  

The actions of principal Rogers also mirrors what is being done by the liberal drive-by news media outlets, who are suppressing the corruption and treasonous behavior of Hillary Clinton and the Obama  administration in an effort to maintain their desired status quo of public opinion.  It goes without saying that the left wing school administrator probably would not have been alarmed if all of his elementary students had been chanting, "Hillary!, Hillary!" and went along lockstep with the Comrades in the teacher's union.  His actions are part of the Zeitgeist in educational circuits as administration officials in institutions of so-called higher education  cater to the whims of Marxist inspired agendas of divisiveness.

(H/T: The Real Side)


Victor Skinner/ EAG News

Steve Weatherbe/ LifeSite News

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