Obama Declares: "Welcome to The USSA - Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika's

1.8 trillion $ - TRILLION! That's the amount the CCCP, er, democrats, propose to raise the federal debt limit by this week. A little perspective: This amount would dwarf the combined debt limit increases passed by all congresses over the entire 250 years of our republic combined.

Keep in mind that Obama (Osama?) has already spent more money in his first year than all presidents dating back to George Washington, combined, spent in all their 8 years in office! This on top of the fact that Osama has incurred the largest budget deficit in history in less than one year, again, totaling more than all budget deficits run up in the history of the United States, combined.

So what do do about it? Why, quadruple it of course, by adding the largest federal entitlement ever imagined (Osamacare) along with imposing socialist emission controls on all individuals and businesses, and then legislate penalties that would throw any who dare to dissent in prison.

The Constitution is no more. Limited government? Osama is a dangerous fanatic who has the US on the brink of becoming the USSA - Heil Osama!

"Every serious person should welcome the president's proposals to lift the dormant economy and reduce unemployment. Not because every serious person would agree with them but because they are a clear test of how a left-wing government would run the American economy.

If this works, hats off to them and we become France. If not, Americans may finally dump left-wing economics into the ash heap of history, starting next November and then in the next presidential election, which can't come soon enough.

The first purpose of the jobs proposals Mr. Obama announced Tuesday—TARP money for Main Street, tax credits for new hires, more infrastructure spending and the weird weatherization program—is to bail out Democratic incumbents. The underlying strength and resilience of the American economy may yet produce enough headline growth the next 11 months to slow the panic over employment levels by next fall.

No Democratic president, though, can just say, 'I'm doing this to save the Pelosi majority and to protect the state and local jobs of Andy Stern's dues payers and party regulars in the Service Employees International Union.' Mr. Obama's saving grace is that no matter how political his initiatives, the reasons he offers for what he's doing generally do describe what is at stake."
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