Obama lacks victory strategy in war against Islamic fascism

President Obama lacks a victory strategy against Islamic fascism, and he is showing weakness before such adversaries as Iran, Russia, and China. The Iranian dictatorship is on a war drive, actively seeking nuclear weapons and making it clear they have a stake in defeating and weakening the United States.

I’m for a victory strategy in the war against terrorism. That includes blocking the militaristic aims of the Islamic dictatorship, preventing the ayatollahs from obtaining nuclear weapons, aiding pro-democratic forces in Iran, and preparing for a possible defensive military response to Iran’s interference in Iraq.

Obama's foreign policy will prove as dangerous and harmful as his economic policy. In addition to showing weakness in the face of Islamic terrorism, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, China, Cuba, Russia, etc., Obama is cutting the military, which can only lead to undercutting our troops.

The following, from today's New York Times, reflects Obama's indecision, inexperience, and hesitation - and his responsiveness to leftist "antiwar" sentiment within the Democratic Party:

"For now, Mr. Obama has decided not to send additional combat forces, they said, although military commanders at one point had requested a total of 30,000 more American troops.... But Mr. Obama avoids calling it a 'surge' and resisted sending the full reinforcements initially sought by commanders. Instead, Mr. Obama chose to re-evaluate troop levels at a series of specific moments over the next year, officials said. Approaching the issue in increments may be easier to explain to members of Mr. Obama’s own party...."

And the following three quotes, from Obama's statement on Afghanistan this morning, reveal his lack of an effective military strategy, a dependence on non-military methods, unjustified confidence in the United Nations, and too much relaince on our adversaries:

"A campaign against extremism will not succeed with bullets or bombs alone."

"To advance security, opportunity, and justice - not just in Kabul, but from the bottom up in the provinces - we need agricultural specialists and educators; engineers and lawyers."

"I am ordering a substantial increase in our civilians on the ground. And that is why we must seek civilian support from our partners and allies, from the United Nations and international aid organizations - an effort that Secretary Clinton will carry forward next week in the Hague.... And finally, together with the United Nations, we will forge a new Contact Group for Afghanistan and Pakistan that brings together all who should have a stake in the security of the region - our NATO allies and other partners, but also the Central Asian states, the Gulf nations and Iran; Russia, India and China. None of these nations benefit from a base for al Qaeda terrorists, and a region that descends into chaos. All have a stake in the promise of lasting peace and security and development...."

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Comment by Reverend Doomstone on March 27, 2009 at 12:26pm
All this is still assuming Obama actually has any legitimate intentions of confronting Islamo-fascism, or should I say, "man-made disasters".

His own personal history, his middle name, and his immediate pandering to the Arab street provide key insights as to where this man's allegiances reside.

Perhap an image would address this question more effectively:




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