Republican strategy; conservative principles; liberal pressure; recommended reading

The key issue within the Republican Party today is one of substance - a debate over which direction the party should take on the key issues facing the American people.

There is constant pressure to abandon conservative principles. Especially in liberal Seattle, this pressure is very strong. Some want to drop or de-emphasize issues of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and constitutional principles. Others want to back away from conservative principles on such varied issues as protecting human life, defending marriage, tough border security, and the right to bear arms.

Others cave into the leftist antiwar movement and want the Republican Party to drop the Reagan conservative foreign policy which recognizes that defense of liberty is intertwined with the promotion of liberty abroad. Reagan knew we could not resign ourselves to a permanent “Soviet sphere of influence.”

Reagan's pro-liberty conservative foreign policy was successful, and the communist "evil empire" was severely weakened, with many nations and millions of people liberated from communist domination. Today's enemy - Islamic fascist terrorism - is different, but the principles are the same.

(For an excellent exposition of the importance and validity of the Reagan pro-liberty conservative foreign policy, see pages 40 through 69 in Paul Kengor's excellent book "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism.")

And for my own views, see www.steveberen.coml and

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