Restoration of America NOT About Party, BUT About GOD'S TRUTH

According to,  Democrat Woodrow Wilcox attacked Obamacare for its forced labor slavery of prolife health care workers in a speech at a religious rights rally on October 20 in Crown Point, Indiana. He said that President Obama and his administration are treating prolife health care workers like slaves of the federal government.

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Wilcox, who has won elections in the Democratic Party to become a precinct committeeman and a delegate to the state convention of Democrats said, "Slaves do not have a right to refuse to do work that violates their religion...Under Obamacare, the Obama administration is threatening prolife health care workers with punishment if they do not participate in abortion, euthanasia, or other objectionable services because of their religious beliefs."

Wilcox also reminded listeners that every Member of Congress must swear an oath to protect the constitution and everyone's constitutional rights, reported

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 Because Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid forced a vote on the final Obamacare bill without allowing anyone to read it first, Wilcox says that any congressman who voted for Obamacare was irresponsible to vote for a bill without reading it and a liar for violating the oath of office to protect our constitutional rights.

According to, Wilcox said, "This November, we need to vote to expel every irresponsible lying Member of Congress who voted for Obamacare. They were irresponsible and voted for a PRO-SLAVERY law without even reading it first. Every politician who is PRO-OBAMACARE is PRO-SLAVERY." 

On the very same day in in Anaheim, California, up under the "A" at Angels Stadium, Cristina Ballestero and Chentel Tabbada rapped and sang with profound strength and beauty that

indeed "The Victory is Won" and there is FREEDOM IN THIS PLACE!!!  In 98 OTHER CITIES ACROSS THE USA, that message was also sent in so many different ways of expressing that it is God's will that Americans embrace life and freedom, and cease the destruction of His ultimate blessing.  God bless America.

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