SCOTUS Denies McComb’s Free Speech Rights

John R. Houk
© November 20, 2009

At the High School graduation of 2006 in Nevada the Valedictorian Brittany McComb was prevented from completing her honors speech to her class because she was offering credit for her success to her Lord Jesus Christ. With the backing of the ACLU the High School officials believed a reference to her Christian faith violated the erroneous concept of Separation of Church and State. When it became evident that McComb was going to give the uncensored version of her speech, the School Officials merely pulled the plug on her mike.

When I first heard about this outrage I posted about the hypocrisy of the government (particularly of Leftists) because the so-called Separation of Church and State paradigm did not seem to apply to Islam as far as public funds and public support are concerned.

The young McComb decided to fight for her First Amendment rights to Free Speech. That journey ended when the Supreme Court refused to hear McComb’s case. This refusal neither validates nor invalidates the Nevada High School officials; however the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear McComb’s case effectually keeps the last Court’s ruling in effect. Thus the Supreme Court has afforded Leftists the glee of stomping on the Christian faith in its culture war on Christianity.

JRH 11/20/09

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