Steve Beren on Radio Thu 3/5 (KVI's Weissbach Show)

Steve Beren on Weissbach (KVI radio) Thursday March 5

Seattle conservative activist Steve Beren will be on the radio this Thursday as a guest on KVI's Weissbach Show. Beren, who was the 2008 Republican congressional candidate against Jim McDermott, will discuss the growing "Tea Party" movement in opposition to the Obama economic agenda.

The Weissbach Show airs from 5 pm to 6 pm PST on Seattle's KVI Talk Radio 570 AM. If you're out of the Seattle area, or away from your radio, go to and click on "LISTEN LIVE."

KVI's Weissbach Show is unlike anything else you're hearing on talk radio. The Weissbach Show has no false gods and no sacred cows. It's the show that looks behind the facade; pricks the pretensions; and questions the veil that we're told is reality. It's the show that encourages you to think - and once having thought - standup and speak out. For further information on Weissbach, visit the Weissbach website at

Steve Beren is a pro-liberty conservative speaker, writer, blogger, and activist. He was the 2006 and 2008 Republican congressional candidate against far left Democrat incumbent Jim McDermott. For further information on the Steve Beren 2009 Speaking Tour, go to

Steve Beren 2009 Speaking Tour -
Steve Beren for Congress
1916 Pike Place, #12667
Seattle WA 98101

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