Susan Hutchison: opponent Dow Constantine is partisan, divisive, and avoiding county issues

The following is the complete text of the June 10, 2009 press release from the Susan Hutchison campaign. Hutchison, who is running for King County Executive, sharply responds to Dow Constantine, a highly partisan opposing candidate. Hutchison points out that Constantine, a longtime incumbent member of the King County Council, bears a big share of the responsibility for the county's budget shortfall, massive wasteful spending, high rate of small business failures, and transportation gridlock that blocks economic growth. For more information on the Hutchison campaign, go to or call (206) 337-0014. The full text of the press release follows:


It's disappointing my opponent has decided to attack me with outright lies.

The issues he has raised have nothing to do with county government, and while I am disappointed, I am not surprised. Mr. Constantine finds himself well behind in the polls, and with no positive vision for our county. His only hope is to sling mud and engage in personal negative attacks.

The fact is, Mr. Constantine is chairman of the King County council. He has served on the council since 2002, and before that he spent years in the state legislature. He is a career politician who finds himself behind in the polls because he is responsible for overseeing a county government with countless problems:

• A $50 million budget shortfall

• Unsustainable government spending – since 2000 general fund spending has increased more than 30%

• One of the highest small business failure rates in the country

• A transportation system grinding to a halt

Mr. Constantine's campaign is one of partisanship and divisiveness. Voters decided last year to make the county executive a non-partisan office because we need to bring people together, not divide them. Working together with business and labor, Democrats and Republicans, and environmentalists and community leaders behind a common good is what I've done in the private and non-profit sectors over the last two decades. It's what I'll continue to do as King County Executive.

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Comment by Catherine on June 13, 2009 at 5:08pm
Glad to see she is running! I was actually hoping she'd go up against Patty Murray! But, King Co. is a good start.




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