Susan Rice: Making Obama Regime Resemble Kremlin

Former National Security Adviser for Barack Obama, Susan Rice has made the United States federal government resemble the Kremlin as it's been revealed that she "unmasked" the identities of aides in the Donald Trump presiden... who were unknowingly under surveillance by the American intelligence community.  Rice alleges that the unmasking occurred in order to investigate Russian meddling (which has flimsy evidence of occurring to begin with) in the 2016 Presidential Election, or "for purposes of understanding the communications of foreign intelligence targets".  According to Andrew C. McCarthy at The National Review, that won't wash, as if there had been a real need to reveal the identities for matters relating to national security, agencies such as the NSA, CIA, or FBI would have conducted the unmasking, not Susan Rice.


                                           Michael Ramirez Cartoon/

The recent revelations that have come to light involving spying on Trump aides by the outgoing administrative officials in the executive branch headed by Barack Obama makes the change in the way that sensitive information was allowed to be handled by American intelligence agencies with just seventeen days to go in the regime seem to be even more curious.  


Democrat Spygate Scandal.../ Roby's Right Corner

Andrew C. McCarthy/ National Review

Charlie Savage/ New York TImes

Glen Garvin/ Miami Herald via WeaselZippers

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