The RINO of Mass. Vs. the Leftist of Mass.

John R. Houk

© May 24, 2012


Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat challenging GOP incumbent Scott Brown in heavily Liberal Massachusetts. Brown pulled off a bit of a surprise in 2010 to be elected Senator from Massachusetts because he won his seat against a favored Dem in a special election to replace über-Liberal Ted Kennedy after his passing. So there is no surprise that Warren is mounting a good campaign that has drawn that Senate race to a near dead heat.


Here is a little 2010 Republican humor on Brown winning Kennedy’s old Senate Seat:


VIDEO: Hitler Finds Out the Massachusetts Senate Seat Was Won by Republica...


As is often the case of the Left Warren turns out not to be too honest of a Democrat. She managed to get managed to get hired at Harvard Law School and took the time honored route of becoming special by claiming to have a Native American heritage. That had to make Affirmative Action proponents pleased, right?


On the other hand Massachusetts voters seem to be true blue Liberal voters because it is no big deal that a candidate is a liar and deceptive exploiting politician.


And here is an irony about Senator Scott Brown. Most of the Conservatives that got behind his campaign in 2010 are beginning to be swayed that Brown is a RINO.


At any rate I sense Brown will vote with Republicans more often than with the fringe Leftists of the Dem Party that control the Party agenda in the present. So RINO or not, I pray Brown wins over liar Warren.


Below are some thoughts from Tony Newbill on the Elizabeth Warren connection to President Barrack Hussein Obama.


JRH 5/24/12

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