The Snarky Files - Euripides' Views on the Week (June 24)

Same sex marriage laws have opened the door to all sorts of abuses of natural marriage and marriage laws. We can only hope the insanity goes away before the entire system crumbles.

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The Snarky Files. Snarky means several things. I prefer the definition of "sharply critical." Here's my take on some news stories this past week. No real news here, just snark.

PBS board members announced that PBS will phase out religious broadcasting. Under the insane assumption that the 1st Amendment means that publicly funded means to become anti-religious, PBS will no longer have the guts to show such excellent shows as Christmas concerts or Christmas mass. It's such a shame, since Christmas mass is the only time I actually watch PBS.

Obama's Tall Tales
Victor Davis Hanson is a classics professor at Stanford and Emeritus at California State University, Fresno. His outspoken and conservative approach to politics has earned him national acclaim and recognition. (Liberals hate his guts which is a major reason I admire him.) In a recent article, he points out several historical inaccuracies that President Obama spread as fact. Check out the article at the National Review Online.

A long time ago, this was called "cheating on your spouse." After the 60s sexual revolution, it was called "swinging." In the 70s, it was called "open marriage." Nowadays, it's called polyamory. These are folks who feel that one spouse isn't enough. They are sexually attracted to more than one person at a time. (Not to be confused with those evil polygamists who are all right-wing extremist. Polyamorist are left wing extremists and are, therefore, perfectly acceptable in modern society.) These are folks who also feel the new same sex marriage laws are discriminatory since they exclude more than two people from marriage.
"We have rights to love any way we want unless we are harming other people," said [Ashara] Love. "Like the air we breathe, we have a right to be and do and say whatever is our full expression, and this to me is a civil right." (ABC "Now Sold Out to the White House" News)
You know what? If same sex marriage advocates can argue this way to neuter marriage, polyamorist advocates have a point. (Too bad it's on the top of their heads.)
In wake of President Obama apologizing to the world for the evil empire that is the United States, the US Senate passed a resolution apologizing for slavery and segregation. In this case, the adage "better late than never" doesn't begin to cover how vacuous and empty a gesture that is. Yep, I feel better about the US, now that racism's completely erased since we have such a caring and feeling government to issue such apologies.

Rules to Live By
The Brooksville, Florida city council voted to adopt this rule for city workers:
The revision...lists "the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments" as "unacceptable attire." (Click Orlando)
In other words, city workers must now wear underwear. The world asks the obvious question: Why, oh why, did the city have to actually enumerate this rule? The mind reels at the possibilites.
It's just nice to know that in Brooksville, at least, the meter reader and the garbage truck driver will be appropriately attired with underwear.

Lack of Parenting Skills
If my blogging pleas for good parenting have fallen on deaf ears, consider this:
Determined to drive evil spirits out of her daughter, a Queens mom performed a bizarre voodoo fire ritual that left the 6-year-old girl scarred for life, prosecutors say. (NY Daily News)
What's happened to the good moms and dads in the world? Of course, it is the children who are the ones to suffer.
Thomas Jefferson
Fundamental truths from one of the best of the Founders of the US:

Doesn't Make Census
A Minnesota lawmaker has vowed not to complete the census:

Outspoken Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she's so worried that information from next year's national census will be abused that she will refuse to fill out anything more than the number of people in her household. (The Washington Times)

Conservative bloggers have made a great deal out of this story but an overriding question stares us all in the face. Do we really trust the organization formerly known as ACORN which will be hired to conduct the census? And for that matter, do we really trust the US government?
Pink Light District
British Village Idiot Sacha Baron Cohen promoted his new movie, Bruno, this week. (Bruno will be my most anticipated movie never to see in my lifetime. Michael Moore's new movie comes in a close third, right behind Year One.) In celebration, Cohen opened a new gay brothel in Amsterdam. Why? Because the world doesn't have enough man whores.

Western Withdrawal
The housing bust sent the unemployment rate in the West bolting past 10 percent in May -- the first time in more than 25 years that a region of the United States has suffered double-digit joblessness. (Yahoo! Finance)
As we say here in Arizona: "How's that hope and change working out for you?" I wonder how we'll fare after the new Health Care bill plunges the country into maelstrom debt and the new Cap and Trade tax takes another chunk of money out of our wallets?
The New York state Senate seems to have fallen apart, at least as far as Governor David A. Paterson is concerned. This week he scolded the Senate for not getting any work done. The governor ordered special sessions to force the Senate to act. Is the governor concerned with the budget? Is he concerned with unemployment? Is he concerned with the schools?

Apparently not, since first on the agenda for Wednesday is to vote on same sex marriage. Yep, social engineering, neutering marriage, and wrecking havoc on marriage laws is certainly the number one issue facing New Yorkers.

Here's the question no one's asking: Who's paying off Governor Paterson to push this gay activist bill?

It's About Time
President Obama finally made a statement about Iran:
"I strongly condemn these unjust actions, and I join with the American people in mourning each and every innocent life that is lost." (Reuters)
Obama's first mistake was becoming buddy-buddies with Iran's president Ahmadinejad. When Ahmadinejad turned out to be every bit as ruthless and authoritarian as expected, Obama found himself between a rock and a hard place. The rock was his silly cosying up to authoritarian leaders. The hard place was the all too obvious abuse of violence and power from Iran's government.
Obama's second mistake was going for ice cream instead of responding to the mounting riots in Iran.

The US had a real opportunity to stand on the side of democracy, freedom, liberty and to gain the good will of the people of Iran.

Obama's blown another chance at real leadership and real change.

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