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January 27, 2009

Greetings Great American Patriots!

A little over a week ago we launched the new website for The Conservative Underground. The website is a social network just for conservatives. In just those few short days we've gained some 800 members. A great start to rebuilding the conservative movement.

Many of you came from the facebook page created a few months ago. That page has grown to over 8,000 members. Facebook however does have limitations, therefore I created This site is for all of US.

I have received many emails regarding “What can I do” or “I am willing to help” which is great. We are answering them as fast possible and will certainly find a spot for those willing to jump in and help with the site. We also keep a “Help Wanted” section on the homepage.

There is more to The Conservative Underground than being just another social network. I started it so WE can begin rebuilding the conservative party. You say, well the GOP or Republican party is the party that stands for conservative principles. Generally yes, but we need to make sure the new leaders in the GOP will adhere to conservative principles. We must also stand in opposition to those who go against our principles. A tall order these days.

For me personally I am not excited about the outlook for our country. Just turn on the news! Even scarier, I have 3 children that will grow up in a country I am gravely concerned. This is why I created The Conservative Underground. I'm not perfect, can't recite history books and my spelling stinks. I'm just a regular American who's ready to get OUR country back.

You ask, “what can one person do?” Well, you are reading this along with 800+ other members from a site that didn't exist two weeks ago. This will also go out to 8,000 members on our facebook page only 3 months old. So from my little home office and a laptop I am reaching 8000+ people with a message.

There is strength in numbers. That is a powerful and true statement. We lost the election, but only by a small margin. Remember, 50+ million people voted for McCain. Actually this may be a positive, in that we can take the time to get our own party back on track!

So what can you do?

Pledge to recruit at least 5 people to join The Conservative Underground, explain our mission and encourage them to recruit 5 people.

That's all I am asking. I'll do the rest :-)

Just think if all 800 of you could recruit 5 people to join, and encourage those 5 to do the same. That's 20,000 members! One step further 100,000, then 500,000... You get the picture.

How long would it take to send an email telling a friend about TCU, five minutes? Isn't the future of our country and our children worth just a few minutes of your time? The time to act is now. We have a long road ahead but we do have time. Two years from now it will be too late.

The future of TCU? It's partly up to you. In my mind, this is the tip of the iceberg of where OUR site is headed. I have many plans for new content, activities, contest etc..., to help spread the conservative message. But I encourage you to jump in with your own talents and ideas.

We have almost two years before the next election. Let's not sit back, wait, and pull a lever and say we did our part. Our country has been there for us for over 200 years, now it's our turn to step up to the plate in her time of need. Trust me, the opposition is not going away and in fact seeks to silence anyone standing in their way.

WE are in this together.
THE time to act is now.
PEOPLE are the foundation for our country, not the government.

Thank you for joining TCU!

-Earl B

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Comment by Angela Dawn Selden on May 6, 2011 at 2:38am
God Bless You Earl...
Comment by Michael Tench on January 30, 2010 at 8:53am
Earl B
Great site my friend and job well done!
I hope to meet some time at an event.
Also, please visit LTC Allen West's website if you ever have the time. He is running for congress in the the 22 district in Florida. He is running as a Republican however he is a conservative. Its leadership and representation from great Americans like this we need in D.C. and take back the country from the morally and ethically corrupt. I am honored to have man & women like this represent us in D.C.. People who have proven leadership skills, are principle centered, ethical and understand, support and believe in the Constitution. I would like to recommend for your review and approval that maybe we add a section / listing of political candidates running all around the U.S. that represent the majority of the population and that we would support if in our district. I know this is not a political website however, I truly believe people around the country are interested in and looking for candidates that are ethical and moral leaders running for congress, senate and the white house. As we fight to take back the country one seat at a time, my strategy would be to think nationally while acting locally. Just an idea my friend, and keep up the great work, your a great American.
Comment by George Van Valkenburg on January 23, 2010 at 9:49pm
Yesterday Masssachusettes, tomorrow, the Country.

Remember the "Battle Hymn of the Republic!

George Van valkenburg
Comment by Trinity Blane on January 4, 2010 at 11:00am
Earl, I am grateful to find TCU..Rather than feeling as though I am one of few and just a grumbler, I realize how many there are of us who want to see our great nation rise up and be the nation it was founded to be. I appreciate your steadfastness. Praying for you and this great work.
Comment by Tami Kilmarx on November 22, 2009 at 8:20am
Hey Earl: Been joined here for some time....not a lot of time to visit all the sites and groups I am a part of though. Great work you do. Go to TNTPC.US to see what the coalition is doing in Tennessee. We are an umbrella for the tea party groups in the state....this is a reference source for folks to locate and join all the movements in Tenn. We have just produced an intro letter to the plans we have coming up shortly. Please attach yourselves on so we can all communicate. This is what the coalition is about...unity of purpose, communication, and amplifying out voices. I will attach you link to our site....I don't think I have yet (but, have dozens and dozens on there already.) Let's talk.....
Comment by James Duncan on November 10, 2009 at 9:26pm
Hi Earl, I just found your web-site and think it is great. It is good to be among fellow Conservatives. I am a Vietnam veteran and fought for my Country and will do my part to fight the Socialists/Fascists/Marxists/Communists who are who are trying to take over. I also have grandchildren who I want to be able to live in freedom.
Comment by debra brisch on November 3, 2009 at 6:13pm
Where have you gone Ronald Reagan, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you....??? but look at whats happening even as I type these words Nov 3,2009. conservatives are whupping liberals properly at the polls...NJ, NY, VA all have the dems in a whirl. and whirl they should.
I watch with excitement, knowing these elections strike fear in liberal hearts and are the first rumblings of the great conservatives of this nation coming together to take a stand.
We will not 'shut up', we will vote them out.
now is the time to act... make calls, send letters, emails, visit offices of the elected ones.... by our numbers as we stand to face them, they will know the truth .
Comment by SARA KAY ALLEN on October 21, 2009 at 10:28pm
I am glad to find your website. There are many out here who realize that we Americans have a Constitutional Republic. We are truly blessed as a nation. Those of us who are able should go to the Junior High Schools and the library meeting rooms to educate others about strong families, limited government, and the gift of our Republic. Check the Prosperity for America and Eagle Forum websites also.
Comment by Dorothy Roche on October 9, 2009 at 12:41pm
This is a great website. Thank you. I am also a conservative and am very concerned about what Obama is doing to our nation. I will soon be on Medicare which I worked my whole life so that I would have something to fall back on in my retirement years. Obama has destroyed that. He is cutting Medicare 400 billion dollars and 100 billion dollars of Medicare Advantage. He has made our country in danger from terrorists. He has made friends with our enemies - and some have nuclear weapons. How crazy is that? He is surrounded by Czars that are so radical that our consitution is in jeopardy. I actually found this website trying to write to former President Bush to thank him for keeping our country safe from terrorists and I still haven't found a website that I can send him a message personally. Everything comes up Obama. Does anyone know how I can send a personal message to former President George Bush? Keep up the good work on your website for conservatives. I do so want to win back our country from radicals, markists and some even proclaiming they are communists.
Comment by Jo on September 24, 2009 at 3:01pm
I'm new to this site as of today but I am thankful that you started it. My main concern is that We The People are so caught up (and rightly so) in all the things that are going on and through Congress at this time that we are missing something very important. Has anyone noticed that we are beginning to lose our Allies one by one.

#1 China (to whom we owe the most now holds most of our Gold and our money value is based on the Gold Standard....instead of remaining on a friendly course with China our President has seen fit to impose a 'tarriff' on import of tires and ????? else (most will say Yea to this until we think about the consequence). Not only will our exports be targeted but heaven help us if they ever decided to call in our notes or refuse to loan us money.

#2 Small Missle Defense Systems in Europe...We are going to disband them. That puts many of our Allies, who have depended on us and who stood up to Russia because they knew we were there to help protect, in danger, especially from Russia. Remember the small country of Georgia? The Checz Republic and the little country of Poland who fought so hard for independence and who have always been our Allie. We are turning our back on them and walking away.

#3 Israel - What Are We Doing!! For years our only Allie in the Middle East was Israel .. they never once backed down from supporting the United they don't know if we will support them or not if a showdown comes between them and Iran, or Hamas, or anyone.


We need to be concerned with Health Care and all the other things that is going on in Washington but let us not overlook what else is happening.




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